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Impact recap: Watch uncut 59-minute match Josh Alexander vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey instant classic

Three cheers for Impact. Josh Alexander and “Speedball” Mike Bailey put on a 59-minute instant classic for the Impact World Championship in the main event on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling. The bout spanned through four commercial breaks to turn into a surprise epic. Impact released video of the full uncut version of the bout for free. Jam on it. You won’t be disappointed.

Read the full recap of that bout here.

The gist of the situation was that Alexander wanted to put hands on Bully Ray, so he came up with a proposal. Alexander issued an open challenge for the world title. The idea was for Bully to accept, since it was a rosy situation for him. If Bully beats Alexander, then Bully becomes the champ. If Bully loses, then he still gets his title shot at the Hard to Kill PPV on January 13. Bully mockingly declined the offer. He isn’t going to let Alexander dictate when they fight.

Enter Bailey. Speedball respectfully asked if the open challenge was still open. Alexander responded as a fighting champion. Get the ref. Ding, ding, ding. Alexander and Bailey battled for so long that the previously announced main event (Eddie Edwards versus Delirious) was postponed. In the end, Alexander won with emphasis to hit two consecutive C4 spike piledrivers with under 20 seconds remaining in the 60-minute time limit. The bout was a badass war of attrition worthy of your time.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Heath & Rhino (c) versus Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley ruled a no-contest. The Motor City Machine Guns did serious damage working on Heath’s knee. Just as the bout was reaching its climax, Matt Cardona and Brian Myers ran in for a double Wake Up Call to Heath and Sabin to ruin the title bout. The referee was forced to throw the match out.
  • In part of the Alexander story, Scott D’Amore gave him the okay to proceed with his plan. After Alexander exited, Johnny Swinger entered looking for a world title shot. D’Amore agreed as long as Swinger can win 50 matches. Swinger and Zicky Dice were pleased with that arrangement. This is funny to watch for the Swinger half.
  • Mickie James and Jordynne Graces talked trash through grit teeth during a photo shoot to promote the Knockouts Championship bout at Hard to Kill. James’ ego was large asking not to be treated like a charity case. Grace has no such intentions. She will respectfully kick James’ ass to send Hardcore Country into retirement.
  • Savannah Evans defeated Taya Valkyrie. Tasha Steelz, Rosemary, and Jessicka were ringside. The story was Steelz sarcastically taking ‘notes’ from Evans on how it’s done in the ring. Evans actually won on her own accord in a hard-fought duel to pin Taya on a full nelson slam.
  • Moose beat up Bhupinder Gujjar backstage as a message to Joe Hendry. It’s time to believe in Moose.
  • Delirious has taken a blind journey going where the wind blows. He’s here for Eddie Edwards. He helped launch Edwards’ trajectory in the days of ROH. Delirious challenged Edwards to a match. The masked enigma will enter the bout with honor. It’s Edwards’ choice whether to do the same. Delirious warned that he is on a dangerous level right now.
  • Kon defeated Sami Callihan. In an earlier promo, Deaner explained that Violent By Design has been cleansed by the blood of the Designer (Eric Young). When Callihan cut the head off the snake, three more grew in its place. Kon powerhoused through Callihan like a true hoss. Callihan grabbed a chair when weary of Deaner and Angels ringside. Angels snatched the foreign object. The referee focused on Angels to restore order. Deaner physically interfered to help set up Kon for a DVD to win. (Full details here.)
  • Trey Miguel beat Jason Hotch on the BTI pre-show. He was lounging backstage when Gia Miller approached for an interview. Trey didn’t like her questions about defacing the X-Division Championship with spray paint, so he teased spray painting her. Crazzy Steve rose from behind the sofa to issue a challenge. Actions have consequences. Steve likes to paint too, except he does it in blood. Trey ran away scared.

That episode of Impact Wrestling was a treat due to the spontaneous 59-minute main event. The match quality speaks for itself. I understand bouts of that length are not for everyone. If you are down to spend the time, do check it out. The rest of the matches had purpose as well. The Major Players ruining the tag title bout was a candy ass move. That was not enjoyable as a viewer. However, it sets up story angles. The result of Savannah Evans beating Taya Valkyrie was genuinely surprising. That was meaningful success for Evans to show she isn’t just a goon. Kon defeating Sami Callihan was the first step in rehabilitating the image of the Design.

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