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Impact storyline kills off Eric Young

Impact might have killed off Eric Young in a storyline scenario. It wasn’t crystal clear, however, Young was stabbed in the chest with a knife. The implication seems heavily intended for viewers to think Young is dead in the Impact universe.

The story sets up as Eric Young being the designer bringing violence with the group known as Violent By Design. They’ve had setbacks along the way when members have lost, so Young doled out punishment to eliminate the sickness. Deaner was one of those recipients.

Violent By Design was in a bit of a reset by adding new member Angels and Kon. Then Young unexpectedly failed the group by losing to Sami Callihan in a bloody Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy match. That led to Young and Deaner going back to where it began, which was where the murder scene occurred on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.

Young and Deaner revisited an abandoned prison in Tennessee. During the early days of this story, that was the setting of Young purging Deaner of the sickness through torture. The cinematic scene explored Young’s motive as the designer, and it reached a shocking conclusion.

Young questioned Deaner about the sickness. Deaner answered that the sickness is failure. Deaner confirmed that he would do anything to eliminate the sickness. Young placed a knife on the table and alerted Deaner that the sickness was in this room. Deaner looked around slowly realizing the insinuation. Young asked again if Deaner would do anything to eliminate the sickness. Deaner was reluctant to answer, because Young was referring to himself as the sickness. That meant Deaner would have to eliminate Young with the knife.

Young pushed the issue until Deaner answered affirmatively. Young was on the same page to test Deaner. A fight broke out with eye gouges and bloody punches. Deaner pounded Young into a pulp. With the knife in hand, Deaner questioned why he had to do this. The twist answer was that Young is the designer and Deaner is the design. Deaner killed the sickness by stabbing Young in the chest.

Damn, son. Impact has done some crazy things in their storytelling history, and this one ranks in the top tier. Eric Young has been evil since his return to Impact, but he’s still a beloved character in Impact lore. Killing him is one heck of a way to write him off. And Young did it by passing the baton to Deaner, which is equal to giving Deaner the rub on Young’s way out.

If this isn’t the end of Young forever, Impact did leave enough wiggle room to imagine that Young could crawl to a gas station for medical attention. The ‘left for dead’ angle is nothing new in action movies. This allows for Young to return one day for an inevitable Impact Hall of Fame induction ceremony years from now.

What’s your impression from the Violent By Design cinematic scene?

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