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Eddie Edwards buried PCO in Las Vegas desert cinematic fight

Honor No More is no more in Impact. And there is one man to blame for that, according to Eddie Edwards. The Honor No More leader points the finger squarely at PCO for the group failing to accomplish its mission.

Edwards had enough and called out PCO for a fight in the Las Vegas desert. The plan was to bury PCO.

The French-Canadian Frankenstein answered the call. He somehow located Edwards in the darkness of the desert for a cinematic fight on Impact Wrestling. PCO grunted in anger, and a brawl erupted. PCO muscled Edwards into the dirt and landed furious punches. The monster pulled out his black glove for the Mandible Claw. Edwards smashed a rock on PCO’s head to escape his grip. Edwards suplexed PCO onto a boulder. PCO wouldn’t stay down. He goozled Edwards for a chokeslam onto stone. PCO grabbed a large rock to do some smashing, but Edwards hit him with a shovel. PCO was down, and Edwards buried him in the desert.

Check out the cinematic fisticuffs in full.

I have to say that is a half-assed burial by Edwards. PCO isn’t even covered up completely. The monster could easily sit up once he revives. I’m disappointed in Edwards. For all his tough talk, you’d think he would know to dig a hole beforehand when you plan on burying someone in the desert. I learned that lesson at a young age from watching mafia movies.

Do you give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to Impact’s latest cinematic effort?

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