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Sami Callihan’s Death Machine Double Jeopardy match was a bloody affair

Sami Callihan and Eric Young are lovers of violence. One man is a demented Death Machine, and the other man is a designer of Violence By Design. When two individuals of that nature get to fussing and fighting, leave it to Callihan to create a bloody new match concept.

Callihan proposed that they engage in Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy. The rules dictate two steps. First, make your opponent bleed. Once the red is flowing, then the perpetrator of pain can be eligible for victory via pinfall or submission.

Young took advantage of the free-for-all rules by having Violent By Design ambush Callihan on stage before the match started. Alan Angels and Big Kon pummeled the Death Machine. Deaner added a curb stomp. Callihan was already bleeding before the contest was officially underway.

Ding, ding, ding. With Callihan bleeding, Young was eligible to win. EY hit a Death Valley Driver within the first minute. Callihan wisely rolled under the ropes to prevent a pin. The action commenced outside with a suplex on the floor from Callihan. He dug through a trashcan of plunder to retrieve a photo to paper cut Young’s mouth. No blood on that one.

Callihan and Young exchanged strikes and eye gouges on the apron. Callihan bit Young’s head and executed a DVD on the hard surface. Young bounced down to the floor. When he stood up, blood was visible. Both men were now eligible for victory.

On social media, Impact claimed that the match’s conclusion was too graphic to share. In reality, it didn’t strike me as anything extra beyond a typical bloody hardcore battle that airs routinely on television.

The brawl advanced into a mini submission challenge. Young targeted Callihan’s leg for a grapevine heel hook. Callihan writhed in pain, then he pumped up with adrenaline. Thumbs up, thumbs down. Callihan countered by crossing Young’s legs for a figure-four.

The next step in the battle was a headbutt duel. Both men were crawling on their knees to exchange billy goat headbutts. Up on their feet for chops and punches, then standing headbutts knocked both back down to the mat.

Callihan sent Young into the ropes. EY sprang back to setup a piledriver. Callihan kicked out at 2. Young taunted thumbs up, thumbs down for another piledriver. That slight delay allowed Callihan time to escape. The Death Machine goozled Young’s groin to set up a piledriver finisher of his own. 1, 2, Young kicked out.

Callihan violently swung a trashcan lid at Young’s head. A second piledriver from Callihan sealed the deal for success. The Death Machine was victorious in a match of his own creation.

After the bout, Violent By Design surrounded Young with disappointment at his defeat. Tension was in the air to turn on their leader, but nothing happened as the cameras faded to black.

Share your take on the Double Jeopardy match concept in execution.

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