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Tommy Dreamer brings old school violence to Impact

Tommy Dreamer has been around the block in the wresting business. If there is one thing he knows, it is old school violence. Dreamer brought his specialty to Impact Wrestling.

Dreamer squared off against Steve Maclin. The match was made last week after Maclin spouted off insults calling Dreamer a has-been. Dreamer intended on teaching Maclin a lesson in Old School Rules, which was a no disqualification match.

Dreamer and Maclin started with old school wrestling for traditional hip tosses. Dreamer clothesline Maclin over the ropes, and both tumbled down to the floor. Dreamer was first to grab plunder. He whacked cookie sheets on Maclin’s head and punched him with a cup of beer. Dreamer pulled up the floor mats for a piledriver, but Maclin escaped to land a jumping elbow drop off the apron.

Maclin tossed a bunch of chairs into the ring. As he reentered through the ropes, Dreamer attacked with a high knee lift. Dreamer elbowed Maclin to take a seat on a chair then ran the ropes for a crushing crossbody on his seated opponent. Dreamer went for a flying elbow drop, but Maclin moved and Dreamer landed on steel.

The match progressed with Maclin finding a kendo stick to unload pain. Dreamer took some shots then countered for a side Russian leg sweep. Dreamer snatched the kendo stick to deliver hits of his own.

Things got kooky when Dreamer threw a trashcan into the ring hitting Maclin in the head. Garbage spilled out of the receptacle. Dreamer took a swig from a used water bottle and spit liquid in Maclin’s face. Dreamer also pie-faced Maclin with a food container of what appeared to be fried rice.

Down the stretch, Dreamer ducked a clothesline to land a cutter. Maclin kicked out at 2. Dreamer set up a table in the corner. He lifted Maclin for a Death Valley Driver through the wood, but Mr. Mayhem escaped. Maclin rammed Dreamer into a trashcan and crunched a DDT onto a pile of chairs to beat Dreamer at his own game.

After the contest, an old friend came to Dreamer’s aid. Maclin grabbed a chair with bad intentions, so Bully Ray sprinted in for the save. Moose arrived to pummel Bully, then Impact hero Josh Alexander joined the fray to clean house with suplexes.

Dreamer lost the battle, but he’ll never lose the war as a special attraction in Impact. Old school, rules!

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