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Impact recap: Sami Callihan creates new match concept

Just when you think everything under the sun has been tried in professional wrestling, Sami Callihan created an idea for a new match concept. And of course, it will be bloody. They don’t call Callihan the Death Machine for nothing.

Callihan is currently feuding with Eric Young, and Violent By Design by proxy. Last week, Callihan battled Young in a first-time matchup. When Callihan had the upper hand to finish on a piledriver, VBD goons rushed the ring to pummel the Death Machine before he could execute the maneuver. Alan Angels and Big Kon revealed themselves as new members of Young’s crew.

This week, Young and his cronies spoke on the situation during Impact Wrestling. They are bringing in the dawn of a new era in violence. Violence! Violence! Violence!

Callihan had a response at the ready. He proposed a double jeopardy match. The stipulation is built in two stages. Stage one must make the opponent bleed. Once crimson flows, then and only then will the wrestler who inflicted pain is eligible to win the match via pinfall.

Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy Match takes place next week on Impact Wrestling. What do you think about the new match concept from Callihan’s demented mind?

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry won the title from Brian Myers. Matt Cardona helped his partner, so Heath and Rhino made sure Cardona was out of the picture. Myers hit a DDT, Hendry kicked out on the cover. Myers charged for the Roster Cut lariat. Hendry countered for a chokeslam to win. (Full details here.)
  • Jai Vidal produced a funny video in honor of Gisele Shaw as future Knockouts champion.
  • X-Division Championship tournament semifinal: Trey Miguel defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey via disqualification. Kenny King sat ringside to pick on Bailey. King screwed Speedball by ramming Trey into the ring steps. The referee saw it and called for the bell, even though, it was clear King wasn’t trying to help Bailey. Backstage, King explained that he saw something in Bailey’s eyes. King plans to expose Bailey as a fake. (Full details here.)
  • Jessicka was in the dumps about her first loss. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie explained that losing happens to everyone. Harness the bad feelings into fuel for success. Rosemary tried to spin it to convince Jessicka to turn back into Havok. Jessicka sighed and went to get a drink. Later, Jessicka was downing Pabst beer and chatting with Alisha Edwards. She was reading ODB’s new book. Jessicka decided to go see male strippers. Alisha walked over to her husband. She didn’t believe Eddie Edwards was honestly done with Honor No More. Eddie claimed that business was buried when he buried PCO.
  • Bhupinder Gujjar defeated G Sharpe. A pop-up powerslam and gargoyle spear sealed the deal.
  • Rhino spoke to Josh Alexander about trusting Bully Ray. Rhino exclaimed that Bully is a real piece of crap.
  • Mickie James defeated Chelsea Green. Deonna Purrazzo interfered and was ejected. Green accidentally kicked the referee. Purrazo came back out to interfere again, so Taylor Wilde dealt with the Virtuosa. James hit a jumping DDT to win, but the referee was still down. No count was made. Green connected on the Unprettier. James kicked out. Green went for a flying dropkick. James caught her to counter for a jackknife pin. Victory to James and the last rodeo continues. Later, Green went home abandoning Purrazzo. Green was dejected that she couldn’t retire James. (Full details here.)
  • Steve Maclin pounded on Scott D’Amore door, but the boss man was not there. Maclin flipped a chair down the hallway in frustration. Tommy Dreamer acted as locker room busy body to chastise Maclin. Mr. Mayhem wanted a title match. Dreamer gave him a match for next week against himself. Dreamer versus Maclin in Old School Rules (no DQ hardcore). Keep your eyes peeled for a John Morrison sighting in the background. I don’t think that is part of a story, just making use of Morrison while in the house with Taya.
  • Bully Ray defeated Zicky Dice. Johnny Swinger and Zicky got the tables. Zicky threw a punch, Bully caught him for a Bully Bomb to win in a squash. Moose ran out for a low blow and speared Bully through the table. Later, Bully demanded a tables match against Moose for Over Drive.
  • Hype package for Frankie Kazarian and his world title shot at Josh Alexander on Over Drive. Kaz needs this win more than anything in his career. If he doesn’t win the world title... He has to win.
  • Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace retained against Gisele Shaw. Grace lived up to powerhouse status with hefty hits. She also added a vertebreaker to her arsenal, but Shaw kicked out. Shaw had control down the stretch. She charged for a running knee, but Grace dodged for a roll-up. Shaw escaped and scored a jackknife pin. Grace rolled into position for a waistlock to pummel Shaw on a powerbomb. Grace finished with a Grace Driver for victory. Afterward on stage, Masha Slamovich attacked Grace from behind. The Russian hit the Snow Plow onto a pile of chairs. (Full details here.)
  • PCO is alive! The monster rose from the desert rubble to close the show.

Very good episode of Impact Wrestling. Jordynne Grace and Gisele Shaw worked a rugged fight. Grace is awesome at power offense, and Shaw is great at taking moves. They make for a good pair with Grace’s explosiveness and Shaw’s ability to make impact look devastating. The return of Masha Slamovich was an unexpected surprise. As Grace was backing up on stage, I was wondering who would be her opponent for Over Drive. Then, boom! Slamovich attacked. That should answer that question, and I’m excited for round two of that hoss fight. Round one was epic. It will be tough to top it, but I believe in Grace and Slamovich to do just that.

Speaking of believing, I also believe in Joe Hendry. His title win of the digital media belt should create amusing television. There is a lot of potential for backstage goofiness to create situations for future rivals to challenge.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey continues to amaze in the ring. He always pulls out something cool. Trey Miguel did his thing as well. The finish was whack considering it was a tournament match. Trey isn’t the type to be proud of that cheap win, but there’s not much time left before Over Drive to rectify the situation with a rematch.

Mickie James and Chelsea Green had a nifty duel full of intensity. That victory made James last rodeo come full circle to defeat the catalyst that sent Hardcore Country home in the first place. Impact provided an intriguing wrinkle by recreating that scene with Green going home instead.

There was a lot of genuinely funny comedy in several backstage scenes. The video from Jai Vidal, Rhino’s outrage about Bully Ray, Jessicka dealing with her sorrows, Steve Maclin insulting Tommy Dreamer, and PCO alive all cracked a chuckle from me.

Enjoy the Knockouts Championship main event in full.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What were your favorite matches and moments?

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