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Jordynne Grace making a case for women’s wrestler of the year after awesome Knockouts title defense

If you’ve been missing Jordynne Grace’s work in Impact this year, then it’s time to pay attention. She’s been on a run of fantastic matches making a case as best women’s wrestler this year. Don’t look any further than Grace’s latest Knockouts Championship defense against Gisele Shaw on Impact Wrestling.

We’ll start this particular story with a bit of comedy, because, quite frankly, it’s too good not to share. Jai Vidal acted as Shaw’s executive stylist and content creator to produce a celebration video in honor of Shaw winning the Knockouts Championship. All that was missing was Shaw officially holding the belt as new champ. Vidal aired the video as a preview. The clips of Impact talent speaking positively were taken out of context to apply toward the Quintessential Diva.

Time for the main event.

Grace started strong with a spinebuster. Shaw kicked out at 1 and rolled out of the ring to regroup.

As the match progressed, a striking exchange took place. Grace demanded Shaw hit her harder, so the Quintessential Diva obliged. That fired up Grace for a body slam. Punch by Shaw, and another body slam by Grace. The champ unleashed a spinning backfist and a Vader Bomb. Definitely watch this clip to enjoy Grace’s intensity.

Shaw held tough with a variety of kicks and a hanging DDT. Shaw climbed the corner to pose for the crowd, as a Quintessential Diva is wont to do. It was certainly stylish but not too smart. Grace sprang up to take control for a delayed vertical superplex. Grace rolled through impact to transition for a Jackhammer. Shaw kicked out on the cover.

Grace kept the power train on its tracks for a vertebreaker. Shaw shockingly kicked out again.

Grace aimed to finish with the Grace Driver, but Shaw escaped to execute a full nelson backbreaker to flatliner combo. Grace kicked out to continue the match. Shaw was ready to pounce for her running knee finisher. Grace ducked the attack to score a roll-up. Kick out by Shaw. The challenger went for a jackknife pin. Grace grabbed a waistlock to pummel Shaw on a crunching powerbomb. Grace immediately followed for the Grace Driver to win and retain the Knockouts Championship.

Dynamite match and great effort from both participants.

Unfortunately for Grace, her celebration was cut short by the return of Masha Slamovich. The Russian marauder clobbered Grace from behind with a chair. Slamovich hit the Snow Plow onto a pile of chairs and stood tall holding the title belt. Bring on the hoss fight rematch!

Grace started the year strong holding the Impact Digital Media Championship. She was on the losing end of a memorable feud with Matt Cardona over that title. Grace never lost focus on gold and competed in an Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship. She also had a brief run in the tag team division with W. Morrissey as her partner. Grace became a two-time Knockouts champ by winning the Queen of the Mountain match. She retained against all comers including Tasha Steelz, Mia Yim, and an absolute slobberknocker against Masha Slamovich. Add this excellent performance versus Shaw to the list. That’s a tough case to beat for women’s wrestler of the year.

Where do you think Jordynne Grace stacks up on the list for women’s wrestler of the year?

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