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Chelsea Green goes home after failing to retire Mickie James

Mickie James’ last rodeo has been drama filled as she aims to prove herself one final time working toward the Knockouts Championship. One loss along the way and James will retire. It was time for James to conquer a familiar foe on Impact Wrestling. Not just any foe, it was rival Chelsea Green.

Green was the catalyst that set James’ last rodeo in motion. After losing to Green, James packed her bags and went home to contemplate the future of her career. James returned with a fire in her belly for her final journey. It was only fitting that James had to conquer Green in this quest.

Deonna Purrazzo accompanied Green to the ring. The Virtuosa trifled during the bout by grabbing James’ boot to swing momentum in Green’s favor and also placing Green’s arm on the ropes to break a pinfall. The referee caught that last one and ejected Purrazzo.

Later, there was a ref bump. Green sent James into corner, but James stopped short to prevent colliding with the official. Green didn’t hold back and exploded for a pump kick. James dodged the strike, and the ref ate it flush. Referee down!

James continued the fight with a flapjack. As James climbed the corner, Purrazzo returned for physical interference. Taylor Wilde evened the odds to fight Purrazzo up the stage and out of view.

That incident didn’t deter James from kicking ass. She landed a seated senton and hit a jumping DDT. 1, 2, 3... The referee was still down. The crowd counted to six on the pinfall before James went over to revive the official. That allowed Green recovery time to pounce for an Unprettier. 1, 2, James kicked out!

Green went high-risk for a flying dropkick, but James caught her for a jackknife pin to win.

Later backstage, Green was at her wits’ end. She was distraught at failing to retire James. Green told Purrazzo that she was going home.

If that scene looks familiar, you aren’t wrong. It was similar to James walking out to go home months ago.

Aside from the Impact storyline, that scene with Green is also intriguing due to rumors of a possible return to WWE. This could be Impact’s way of writing Green off screen. Green has a shot at the NWA Women’s World Championship against titleholder Kamille and challenger KiLynn King for a three-way at Hard Times 3 on November 12. If Green comes up short there, she just might be clear and free for WWE. Time will tell how that shakes out.

As for James, the last rodeo continues against Wilde at Over Drive on November 18. That bout was made out of mutual respect as a first-time matchup.

What’s your take on Chelsea Green going home?

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