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Trey Miguel advances to Impact X-Division Championship tournament final in garbage finish

The X-Division Championship tournament is down to the semifinals. Trey Miguel punched his ticket to advance to the final, but he did so in a garbage finish through no fault of his own.

Trey competed against “Speedball” Mike Bailey on Impact Wrestling. The match kicked off with a fast and furious pace into an athletic stalemate. Trey worked the arm to soften Speedball.

Bailey used his kicks to even the score. That’s when Kenny King sauntered down ringside. King has been butting in Bailey’s business lately after being unable to defeat the former champ. King sat ringside snacking on popcorn.

Trey and Bailey engaged in a firefight of strikes. That led to a dance of escaping signature moves. Bailey lifted Trey for the Flamingo Driver, but Trey countered for a reverse rana to send Bailey over the ropes crashing down to the floor.

Bailey rebounded for a slick springboard moonsault to the outside.

Trey played his hand trying a sunset flip, but Bailey grabbed the ropes to block the motion. Bailey executed a brutal backflip double knee drop on Trey’s torso. King stood up taunting Bailey with popcorn. Bailey kept his cool and reentered the ring. King struck. Not on Bailey though. King rammed Trey into the ring steps to screw Bailey in a disqualification loss. The referee followed the letter of the law to declare Trey the winner.

What a garbage finish. That contest was shaping up to be a doozy down the stretch, then it turned to trash. That’s the type of finish that deflates the room. Impact head honcho Scott D’Amore usually sets these things straight on screen. I was hoping he would do so here, but it was later revealed during the show that he wasn’t even in the building.

Backstage, King explained his actions. He saw something in Bailey’s eyes during their duels, so he choose to get closer for observation. King saw it again during that match. King still has desire to win championships in Impact, but he can’t focus until he gets to the bottom of this. King plans on exposing Bailey like Morpheus exposing fake tricks in the Matrix.

Trey advances to the X-Division Championship tournament final at Over Drive on November 18. He’ll face the winner of Black Taurus versus PJ Black, which takes place next week on Impact Wrestling.

Did the finish to Trey versus Bailey leave you satisfied or sour?

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