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Joe Hendry wins Impact Digital Media Championship from Brian Myers

Do you believe in Joe Hendry? Well, you should. He’s 250 pounds of pure motivation and the answer to all life’s problems. Hendry is also the new Impact digital media champion.

Hendry challenged Brian Myers for the Impact Digital Media Championship on Impact Wrestling. Myers had Matt Cardona by his side for assistance. Hendry gained early momentum for a suplex. Myers rolled out of the ring for a breather. A minor distraction from Cardona allowed Myers to take control.

Hendry used the power of the people as energy to rally for a fireman’s carry toss.

Myers escaped Hendry’s chokeslam finisher to land a flatliner. Hendry countered a DDT to send Myers into the ropes to bounce back for a pop-up powerbomb.

The action spilled outside with Cardona lurking. Heath and Rhino arrived on the scene to send Cardona packing. Heath and Rhino have a date with the Major Players to defend the Impact tag titles at Over Drive on November 18.

In all the hullabaloo, Myers struck with an Implant DDT. He made a cocky cover, and Hendry kicked out. Myers sized up Hendry for a Roster Cut lariat, but he ran into Hendry’s chokeslam finisher. 1, 2, 3. New champ.

Wave your hands side to side and say, “I believe in Joe Hendry.”

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