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Raven closes Impact Hall of Fame induction speech with a DDT on Tommy Dreamer

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Bound For Glory wasn’t only about the matches. It was also about honoring the newest member in the Impact Hall of Fame. Raven was inducted, and he closed his speech in style with a familiar trick on long-time rival Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer handled the introduction speech. He offered jokes and serious emotion. When Scott D’Amore discussed the Hall of Fame with Dreamer, the Impact board voted and thought it should be Dreamer. The hardcore legend’s career flashed before his eyes. He jumped with joy at the idea of entering the Impact Hall of Fame. D’Amore slowed him down. Impact voted that it should be Dreamer who inducts Raven. Dreamer delivered the punchline. And even when Raven can’t wrestle, Dreamer is still doing the job for him.

Dreamer put over Raven as a man who believes in people. Raven helped many wrestlers along the way with opportunity. Dreamer spoke about working for moments in this business. He would love to experience one more moment with Raven. When Dreamer was DDT’d by Raven in the ring, he didn’t realize he was in a moment that he can never have again. Dreamer thanked the fans for giving them those moments. It was his honor to induct Raven in the Impact Hall of Fame.

Raven spoke about how he never felt deserving of cheers, but boos were joy to his soul. When fans cheered, he requested a few boos to make him feel comfortable. Raven thanked those that influenced his career, such as learning booking concepts from Lynn Denton in the Portland territory and Paul Heyman allowing his creativity to flourish in ECW. Raven would put his feuds with Dreamer and Sandman against any in the business. His time in WCW and WWE didn’t pan out as he hoped. Thankfully, TNA came calling to extend his career. They used him like he thought he deserved.

Raven singled out Dreamer to thank. Thanks for being the babyface to his heel. Raven declared that their 28-year feud would finally end on this evening. The two shook hands and hugged. When Dreamer raised Raven’s hand, Raven turned for a kick to the gut and a DDT. The fans booed Raven off stage, just as he wanted. Quote the Raven nevermore.

That was a fun scene whether a hardcore Raven supporter or just vaguely familiar with his legend. The DDT on Dreamer was a fitting way to show love.

The full induction ceremony is available for viewing on the free pre-show. Get results from Bound For Glory here. The PPV replay is available through Fite TV.

How big a smile did Raven’s DDT on Dreamer put on your face? What were your favorite lines from the speeches?

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