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Impact Bound For Glory 2022 live results: 6 title fights and Mickie James’ career on the line

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Impact is bringing PPV to Friday nights with Bound For Glory on October 7. The card is stacked with six title fights, the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, Mickie James’ last rodeo, and the Hall of Fame induction of Raven.

Bound For Glory kicks off at 8 pm ET on PPV and Fite TV. The free pre-show goes live at 7:30 pm ET on YouTube. Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.



The show starts with Brian Myers open challenge to defend the Impact Digital Media Championship. He offered to fight anyone from anywhere.


Impact Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers retained against Dango. Dirty Dango had momentum aiming for a flying attack. Myers rolled away. Dango jumped down to land on his feet, and Myers pounced for a spear. Roster Cut lariat by Myers earned the win.

Raven inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. Tommy Dreamer gave the speech to introduce the guest of honor. Raven spoke about his career over the years. He would put up his feuds with Dreamer and Sandman against any in the business. Raven specifically singled out Dreamer to thank as the babyface to his heel. They shook hands and hugged, then Raven kicked Dreamer in the gut and planted him with a DDT on stage.


Impact X-Division Championship: Frankie Kazarian defeats “Speedball” Mike Bailey to win the title. Kaz survived the Ultima Weapon finisher. Bailey had a dramatic escape from the chickenwing submission and also kicked out from a slingshot cutter and the Flux Capacitor. Bailey rallied with a reverse rana. He leaped for a shooting star press, but Kaz caught him for a cutter. Chickenwing submission. Bailey taps. Kaz wins!

Mickie James defeated Mia Yim. James’ wrestling career was unofficially on the line for her last rodeo to test herself. A loss meant retirement. James tweaked her knee early on a bulldog. Yim focused on the tender joint. Yim had momentum and connected on Eat Defeat. James was able to grab the ropes to break the pin count. James played mind games urging Yim to bring it. James dodged a cannonball in the corner to strike for a jumping DDT to win.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka defeated Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green to win titles. Hot tag to Jessicka to clean house. VXT came back with a flatliner from Purrazzo and a curb stomp from Green. Taya ran in to spear Purrazzo. La Wera Loca escaped an Unprettier to shove Green into the arms of Jessicka. The Death Dollz nailed a combo running kick by Taya and piledriver by Jessicka to pin Green.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett retained against Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley. Maria Kanellis interfered often and ate an accidental superkick from Bennett for her trifling. Taven swooped in for a roll-up on Sabin with both feet on the ropes for leverage. The referee was out of position to see the cheating and counted three.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet won by Bully Ray. Royal Rumble rules with the final two engaging in a singles bout to determine the winner. The prize is to call your shot for any Impact championship at any time. Participants included PCO, Rich Swann, Heath, Gisele Shaw, Bobby Fish, Bhupinder Gujjar, Steve Maclin, Moose, Sami Callihan, Eric Young, Johnny Swinger, Joe Hendry, Killer Kelly, Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans. Surprises were Taylor Wilde, Bully Ray, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, and Matt Cardona.

The final four came down to Swann, Maclin, Fish, and Bully Ray. Maclin clotheslined Swann off the apron, then Maclin reversed an Irish whip on Fish to send him packing over the ropes. Bully and Maclin engaged in a singles match as the final two. Bully dodged a running knee in the corner to smash Maclin with the Bully Bomb to win.

Sean tagging in so Manolo can go cover A-E-Dub...

Impact Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace retained against Masha Slamovich. This was a banger. Grace survived a bulldog choke and an air raid crash/Snow Plow combo via rope break. Slamovich had her up top, but the champ countered into a Grace Driver from the middle rope.

Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander retained against Eddie Edwards. Lots of Honor No More shenanigans, lots of Alexander being a freaking stud. No disrespect to Edwards, who more than pulled his weight. He targeted the champ’s neck with his offense, including hitting him with the Diehard Driver onto the exposed floorboards. He got a trio of Germans — one onto the apron, then one on the floor, and finally one on the ramp — for his troubles. Taven & Bennett pulled the referee out after Josh hit the C4 Spike, and Kenny King low blowed Alexander. Eddie legit breaks the champ’s nose, and there’s A LOT OF BLOOD. The final stretch is a slobberknocker that ends with another C4.

Honor No More swarm again after the bell, and Bully Ray shows up with his new trophy. It seems like he might “cash in” on the wounded champ, but then shows he’s got Some Honor Left and helps Alexander clear the ring. Bully holds up the belt and promises to be Josh’s toughest challenge. Alexander takes it back and that’s a wrap.

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