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Eddie Edwards’ wife issues ultimatum for divorce prior to Impact World Championship match

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Competing for a world championship is hard enough by itself. Eddie Edwards’ chance at gold got a whole lot more complicated when his wife issued an ultimatum for divorce on the eve of Bound For Glory.

Edwards earned the right to challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory. On top of that, Edwards represents Honor No More in their war on Impact. Winning the world title would be a major step in achieving their goals. And now, Edwards has to deal with the threat of his family falling apart.

During Impact Wrestling, footage aired of Alisha Edwards confronting her husband. Eddie crashed the end of an interview with Alexander. After security prevented a physical scuffle, Alisha had a word with her man. It has always been ride or die together between them, but Alisha has had enough with the Honor No More nonsense. She threatened an ultimatum, “Either this ends or we do.”

Even though this scene seems out of nowhere prior to Impact’s big PPV, it is actually picking up from a storyline in February when Eddie explained his motives for leading Honor No More. At that time, Alisha wanted to know where she stood in Eddie’s heart when she supported Impact over Honor No More. Even though Alisha has appeared on screen since then, the love angle was never mentioned. That is until now. Alisha just shoved Eddie into a tight corner. It feels like Eddie will lose even if he wins the world title.

Edwards versus Alexander for the Impact World Championship is the main event at Bound For Glory on Friday, October 7. The PPV airs through Fite TV (here).

Does this angle for potential divorce increase your desire to tune in to Bound For Glory?

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