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Impact recap: Tag team division heating up with Matt Cardona & Brian Myers title shot

The tag team division in Impact is heating up with Heath & Rhino, the reunion of Matt Cardona & Brian Myers as the Major Players, the Motor City Machine Guns, the return of Aussie Open, and a makeshift duo of Josh Alexander & Frankie Kazarian. The pecking order was in the process of being established during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Heath and Rhino were feeling good fresh off winning the Impact World Tag Team Championship last week. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley made sure to remind the champs of their promise to defend the belts. Heath agreed and suggested that the Motor City Machine Guns visit management to make it happen.

That mission wouldn’t be so easy with Matt Cardona and Brian Myers already at Scott D’Amore’s door ready to request a title shot for themselves. Bickering led to shoving. D’Amore booked Cardona versus Shelley in singles action.

The bout turned out to be really good from an entertainment standpoint. Both teams bent the rules leading to exciting near falls. Shelley scored a run of offense to plant Cardona with a tornado DDT. On the cover, Myers placed Cardona’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Sabin chased Myers into the ring for MCMG to work teamwork offense on the Most Professional Wrestler. As the referee tried to clear the ring, Cardona forcefully gouged Shelley’s eyes. Radio Silence! 1, 2, Shelley kicked out of Cardona’s finisher.

Myers slid the Impact Digital Media Championship belt into the ring, but it went under Cardona’s legs into the hands of Shelley. When Shelley reared back to use the foreign object, the ref snatched it away. Cardona went for a roll-up grabbing the tights, and Shelley kicked out. Cardona grabbed the title belt as Myers created a referee distraction. Shelley managed to DDT Cardona onto the belt. Shelley went for the Shellshock finisher, but Myers pulled his pal to safety. A melee broke out on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelley scored a roll-up. Cardona kicked out sending Shelley into the ropes. Myers struck Shelley with the title. That allowed Cardona the opportunity to secure the win. The Major Player was victorious.

Afterward, Cardona and Myers beat down MCMG. Heath and Rhino made the save.

Even though it wasn’t specified prior to the bout, it turns out that the Major Players earned the tag title shot with Cardona’s victory. They will compete against Heath and Rhino at Over Drive on November 18. The Major Players have reunion heat with Heath and Rhino for overshadowing their reunion.

If the Major Players prevail to win gold, they may have to deal with Joe Hendry and the Vegas Golden Knights’ hockey mascot, Chance. That’s sort of a joke, but you never know. Cardona and Myers had a run-in with those two off the air. This video isn’t a storyline. It’s just goofy fun to promote dates for when Impact returns to Las Vegas.

In other tag team happenings, Aussie Open is returning to the Impact Zone. Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis want the Impact tag titles, so they issued an open challenge.

I don’t think anyone expected who would answer. Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian are stepping up to the plate. They bonded over hatred for Steve Maclin. Mr. Mayhem attacked Alexander backstage, and Kaz made the save. Even though Alexander will wrestle Kaz for the Impact World Championship at Over Drive, they cordially agreed to team up against Aussie Open next week.

The tag team division in Impact is heating up.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Matt Taven and Mike Bennett were fired by Scott D’Amore. They complained about an unsafe working environment while ignoring that they often contributed to the chaos. D’Amore agreed, so he canned Taven and Bennett to keep them safe. (Full details here.)
  • X-Division Championship tournament. Black Taurus defeated Laredo Kid on the BTI pre-show. Taurus powered through Laredo’s lucha libre offense to win with the Destination Hellhole driver. Trey Miguel defeated Alan Angels on the regular broadcast. Trey executed a Lightning Spiral for victory. Taurus and Trey advance to the semifinals. (Full details here.)
  • Chris Bey defeated Tommy Dreamer. This mini story spanned multiple segments. It started with the Bullet Club confronting Bully Ray for the mystery beatdown last week. Bully denied involvement and suggested Moose as the possible culprit. Bey mouthed off to Dreamer, so a match was made. Dreamer asked Bully to stay in the back, because trouble follows when Bully is around. Bully disobeyed the request and showed up ringside during the bout. Moose came down yelling at Bully about putting his name as a suspect. Moose tripped Bey to frame Bully. Bey regrouped to pin Dreamer on the Art of Finesse cutter. Backstage, Bully and Dreamer had a powwow. Bully was peeved at nobody trusting him to do things the right way. Bully also threatened to do bad things to Moose if he butts in again. (Full details here.)
  • Rachelle Scheel defeated Tasha Steelz. Steelz flattened her opponent with ease. The Boricua Badass grabbed a mic to complain about wrestling inferior competition. Steelz called in Savannah Evans for feeding time. Evans smashed Scheel with a lariat and powerbomb. Steelz was willingly disqualified to make a statement.
  • Joe Hendry defeated Raj Singh. Singh didn’t believe in Hendry. Say his name, and he appears. Hendry rose from behind to goozle Singh for a chokeslam to win.
  • Eric Young spoke to someone off-screen. Loss can teach you things. The revival of violence was born in defeat. Sami Callihan understands the lust for violence. Young will gladly wrestle Callihan next week, and he hopes the mystery person is watching with his eyes open.
  • Eddie Edwards had a sitdown interview. He clarified that there is no more Honor No More. Taven and Bennett were fired, Vincent is in the hospital, Kenny King is focused on the X-Division tournament, and PCO is poison. What is there to save? When asked about his relationship with Alicia Edwards, Eddie chose to keep that private. There would have been zero friction with his wife if Honor No More was able to complete their mission. Eddie blamed PCO for the group’s downfall. PCO will pay.
  • Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, & Jordynne Grace defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, & Gisele Shaw. Earlier in the show, VXT reminded us about Mickie’s last rodeo. The next loss will be her last loss into retirement, and this match should count. VXT was focused on eliminating Mickie from Impact. This trios bout was the main event. VXT worked to isolate Mickie. Hot tag to Grace to clean house. The match broke down into moves all around. Grace hit a facebuster suplex on Purrazzo. Mickie followed for a flying seated senton on the pin. Purrazzo kicked out. VXT rallied for a Blockbuster to Mickie. Grace and Wilde made the save to break the pin. VXT cleared the ring with Green instructing Shaw to pass in the Knockouts Championship as a foreign object. When Shaw grabbed the belt, she was mesmerized by the gold and posed with the title with dreams of winning it soon. That delay allowed the babyfaces to recover. When VXT went for a pendulum slam on Mickie, Wilde speared Purrazzo. Mickie countered Green for a DDT to win.

Another solid episode of Impact Wrestling. The match between Matt Cardona and Alex Shelley was a blast. They leaned hard into over-the-top shenanigans to make it a wild time. It worked with rowdy false finishes.

The Tasha Steelz wrinkle was interesting, although, it wasn’t too smart for her. Intentionally losing matches is not going to boost Steelz up the ladder in a stacked Knockouts division. On the plus, it’s nice to see Steelz get a story if she’s not going to be in the title scene for now.

The Knockouts trios main event played well. I enjoyed the aggression between both sides. Gisele Shaw getting distracted at holding the Knockouts Championship was a comedic blunder en route to a satisfying finish. The closing sequence looked cool with Mickie James squeaking out the win. Chelsea Green lost her marbles backstage about being bested by James.

The funniest moment of the show for me was Trey Miguel posing tough while wearing a midriff t-shirt cut off at the nipple line. That fashion look doesn’t exactly strike fear in the opponent.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What were your favorite matches and moments?

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