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Two winners advance in Impact X-Division Championship tournament quarterfinals

Impact is in the process of crowning a new X-Division champion. When Frankie Kazarian vacated the freshly won title to exercise Option C for a world championship fight, Scott D’Amore declared an eight-man tournament would be used to determine the next titleholder.

Two quarterfinal bouts aired on Thursday night. The first match took place on the BTI pre-show as Black Taurus wrestled Laredo Kid. This contest was filmed before Laredo’s recent emergency surgery. The second contest saw the return of Alan Angels (aka Dark Order’s 5 in AEW) to the Impact Zone against Trey Miguel.

Taurus’ strength was the game changer in the lucha libre duel. Laredo had momentum aiming for a Spanish Fly, but Taurus countered for a gorilla press slam from high above the mat.

Laredo came back with a run of offense scoring a crucifix bomb, poison rana, Mexican Destroyer, and 450 splash in succession. That couldn’t keep Taurus down on the pinfall. Laredo stacked Taurus onto the top turnbuckle for a super hurricanrana, but Taurus blocked for super buttbuster. Taurus seized the moment to finish on the Power Bull driver for victory.

Trey and Angels had a slick affair with creative striking.

Angels showed intestinal fortitude to kick out of Trey’s Meteora finisher.

Angels rallied for a frog splash, however, he was cocky on the cover for an arrogant pin. Trey kicked out to continue the fight. Trey ducked a discus lariat to counter for a head kick. Trey closed with the Lightning Spiral slam to win.

Black Taurus and Trey Miguel advance to the X-Division Championship tournament semifinals.


The remaining quarterfinal bouts are scheduled to be shown next week. Yuya Uemura versus PJ Black will take place on the BTI pre-show. Kenny King versus “Speedball” Mike Bailey will air on the Impact Wrestling broadcast.

Who are you picking to advance in the tournament?

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