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Heath & Rhino win Impact tag titles!

Heath and Rhino did it, baby! They are the new Impact tag team champions.

Heath and Rhino competed in the main event of Impact Wrestling against the OGK duo of Matt Taven and Mike Bennett for the Impact World Tag Team Championship. The challengers were amped up for the chance to fulfill their promise to each other to win the belts. Heath made Honor No More’s life a living hell, and the Man Beast planned to send OGK straight to hell with a Gore, Gore, GORE!!!

Rhino was a force of power early clotheslining Bennett and Taven out of the ring. The champs had second thoughts and tried to retreat up the ramp. The challengers gave chase to bring them back to the ring. OGK eventually made their move for control when Taven clipped Rhino in the knee. The champs isolated the Man Beast using tag team tactics. The tide turned when Rhino rolled away from a springboard moonsault by Taven for the hot tag to Heath. The Redheaded Rebel ran wild with fire.

Down the stretch, all four were down on the mat after duking it out. Vincent, Kenny King, and PCO came down to support their Honor No More mates. The referee blocked the path of the intruders. That distraction allowed Maria Kanellis to attempt shenanigans. She hit Rhino to prevent a Gore on her husband. Bennett hooked Rhino’s arms, and Maria pulled out a plastic baggie of white powder. Maria threw a handful of dust, Rhino ducked, and Bennett was blinded by the illegal substance. Heath pounced for a Wake Up Call to Bennett. Taven clocked Heath with a spinning high kick. Rhino charged for a Gore, Taven ole’d, and Rhino cut Maria in half. In the moment of shock, Heath hit a Wake Up Call to Taven. 1, 2, 3. New champions!

As far as wild finishes go, that one was executed well for maximum fun. Maria made a mess of the white powder for on over-the-top visual. Rhino served just desserts with the satisfying Gore on Maria. Heath seizing the moment to finish was icing on the cake.

Three cheers for the new Impact tag champions!

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