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Impact recap: PCO snaps, beats up Honor No More teammates

It was only a matter of time before the French-Canadian Frankenstein erupted with violence toward Honor No More. Eddie Edwards consistently pushed the monster’s buttons until PCO snapped. PCO unleashed pain on all his former friends during the closing segment of Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling episode.

The reason for Edwards’ frustration was Honor No More’s recent losing streak. Edwards came up short in a losing effort to Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory. Edwards had been absent until popping up on this show. He was reflecting on Alisha Edwards’ threats to leave him if he continues down the disgruntled path leading Honor No More.

After the main event contest where Matt Taven & Mike Bennett lost the Impact tag titles to Heath & Rhino, Edwards confronted the crew. Edwards wondered aloud if Honor No More was worth saving. He sees nothing but failure, which undermines their mission. Edwards didn’t win the world title from Alexander. OGK just lost the tag belts. Kenny King let the X-Division Championship slip away. Edwards approached each member asking if they are still loyal to the cause. Taven, Bennett, and King emphatically answered yes.

When Edwards approached Vincent, he accused him of being more concerned about saving his own skin. Is Vincent loyal to Honor No More or loyal to PCO? When Edwards spoke to PCO, he put the blame on the monster’s shoulders for losing to Alexander. Edwards demanded to know if PCO was loyal to Honor No More. After a moment’s hesitation, Edwards took that to mean no. Edwards shouted that PCO isn’t a monster. He’s nothing but a bitch. That set PCO off on a path of destruction to destroy Honor No More. PCO wrecked everyone and finished by chokeslamming Vincent onto an open chair.

Edwards will have the chance for revenge when he meets PCO in a street fight at the next Impact TV taping.

So, I guess Honor No More is over? Based on the PCO rage clip, Impact seems to believe so in the tweet, and they would know. Honor No More’s days were numbered anyway when The Kingdom appeared in AEW. Honor No More entered with a roar and exited with a whimper. That’s probably for the best. There wasn’t much more for the group to accomplish in Impact without taking the world title.

The breakup was an efficient way to kick-start PCO’s babyface run. The fans have often cheered him in the Impact Zone irregardless of his standing with Honor No More. PCO erupted in style punching through a chair and no-selling a double superkick. The street fight against Edwards is going to be fun to watch.

As for Edwards and his wife, I find it hard to believe that Alisha would be satisfied with that promo segment. Eddie basically polled his crew, which means he would have stayed with them if it all went smooth. That makes Alisha the backup option and winner by default. That’s not what a wife would want to hear. We’ll have to see her response to all of this.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Dirty Dango defeated Johnny Swinger. In the pre-show match, Zicky Dice accidentally clobbered the Swingman with his fanny pack. Dango finished with a Falcon Arrow slam.
  • Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer defeated Chris Bey & Juice Robinson. Ace Austin was supposed to be in the match, but Bey found him unconscious in the parking lot. Accusations were thrown at Bully, who claimed innocence. In the match, Bully rallied for victory to pin Juice on the Bully Bomb. Afterward in the locker room, Bully looked Dreamer in the eye to deny involvement in the Ace crime. Moose threw doubt Bully’s way as one familiar with scumbag behavior. (Full details here.)
  • Taylor Wilde defeated Mia Yim. Competition turned smiles to intensity. Wilde blocked Eat Defeat to counter for a bridging German suplex to win. Afterward, Mickie James entered the ring alluding to choosing Wilde as her next opponent on the last rodeo. Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, and Gisele Shaw ambushed the babyfaces. Jordynne Grace ran out to crush VXT. Later backstage, James proposed a trios match.
  • Joe Hendry defeated Jason Hotch. Hendry motivated the crowd to wave their hands from side to side. They broke out in song during the match. Hotch boldly shouted that he doesn’t believe in Joe Hendry. Say Hendry’s name, and he appeared for a chokeslam win.
  • Frankie Kazarian relinquished the X-Division Championship. Option C was exercised. Never winning a world title eats at Kaz. His blood, sweat, and tears will be for nothing if he can’t achieve that. Steve Maclin attacked Kaz, and Josh Alexander made the save. Kaz will wrestle Alexander for the Impact World Championship at Over Drive on November 18. A tournament will be held to determine the next X-Division champion. Matches include Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid, Yuya Uemura vs. PJ Black, Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel, and Kenny King vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey. (Full details here.)
  • Rich Swann defeated Eric Young. Swann surprised Young with a roll-up to snatch victory. After the match, VBD beat up Swann. Lights out, lights on. Sami Callihan was in the ring for the save.
  • The Major Players are back together. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers have their sights set on tag team gold in Impact.
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Heath & Rhino defeated Matt Taven & Mike Bennett to win the titles. The finish was wild with chicanery. Kenny King, Vincent, and PCO came down to the ring, so the referee halted their path. Maria Kanellis threw white powder, Rhino moved, and the substance went in Bennett’s face. Heath hit a Wake Up Call on Bennett. Rhino charged for a Gore, Taven moved, and Maria was speared instead. Heath hit a Wake Up Call on Taven to win. (Full details here.)

This episode of Impact Wrestling was full of emotion. The feel-good high was Heath & Rhino winning the tag titles. Their journey has had so many setbacks that their triumph is extra special. There is an intriguing whodunit with Bully Ray. It will be equally interesting if Bully is guilty as it would be for an evil reveal of someone framing him. Frankie Kazarian’s Option C explanation provided reasons to root for him to dethrone Josh Alexander. Joe Hendry motivated the Impact Zone. The fan reaction to his song showed that his vignettes were a success. PCO beating down Honor No More was a lot of fun as monster madness.

My favorite moment of the show was Jordynne Grace power wrecking Gisele Shaw. Badass aggression and comical ass-kicking were combined as one.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What were your favorite matches and moments?

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