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A mystery is afoot regarding Bully Ray in Impact

Bully Ray made a surprise return to Impact at Bound For Glory to win the Call Your Shot tournament. He claimed his intention will be pure with intent on cashing in the right way to become a world champ, but last week made it clear that nobody believes he can change his scumbag ways. Now, Bully finds himself as a prime suspect of a mystery parking lot beatdown.

Bully was scheduled to team with Tommy Dreamer as The Fat & The Furious against Ace Austin and Chris Bey of the Bullet Club. The Impact Wrestling broadcast opened with a shocking scene when Bey found Ace unconscious in the parking lot. Fingers were automatically pointed at Bully.

So, where was Bully at? He was first to arrive for the tag team match. Dreamer entered second and questioned his partner. Bully looked confused about the accusations. Juice Robinson replaced Ace in the contest.

Juice was irate and focused on pounding Bully in the ring. As the match progressed, Juice took his anger out on Dreamer with a body slam on the floor. Rock Hard shouted that his extra aggression was Bully’s fault for the attack on Ace. The Bullet Club isolated Dreamer for a pummeling. Dreamer was able to block a cutter from Bey to hit a cutter of his own. Hot tag to Bully for punches, a back body drop to Bey, and a side slam to Juice. All four were fighting in the ring. Dreamer clotheslined Bey over the ropes, and both tumbled down to the floor. Juice planted Bully on a spinebuster. Bully ducked a flying attack and blocked a clothesline to counter for the Bully Bomb to win.

Afterward, Bully made a plea to Bey of his innocence in the Ace incident. Bully had no idea what happened. He has no beef with the Bullet Club. Bey was confused and wasn’t fully buying Bully’s words.

Later backstage in the locker room, Dreamer wanted Bully to tell him the truth. Bully looked into Dreamer’s eyes and denied the accusations. Bully became annoyed at Dreamer’s assumptions. Moose stepped in to push buttons. Once a scumbag, always a scumbag. Since Moose is a scumbag himself, he stated that he wouldn’t tell the truth either. That cast doubt over Bully’s denial.

A mystery is afoot in the Impact Zone. Who attacked Ace? Time for Dreamer to don his detective hat.

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Do you think Bully Ray is guilty?

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