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Heath & Rhino have their chance to fulfill their promise in Impact

Heath and Rhino have had a complicated run as best friends in Impact. Rhino risked his contract to get Heath signed only to see Heath miss close to a year of action due to injury. When Heath returned, Rhino had been brainwashed by Eric Young’s cult of violence. The bond of friendship eventually prevailed for Heath and Rhino to reunite. Earlier this year, the duo made a promise to each other to win the Impact tag titles. The hunt for gold was derailed when Honor No More injured Rhino. Rhino returned to Impact this past weekend at Bound For Glory and shared a hug with Heath. Now, the chase is back on to win the tag belts.

During Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling, it was revealed that Heath and Rhino went to Scott D’Amore to jump the line for a title shot on next week’s broadcast.

Heath and Rhino had good timing, because they beat the Motor City Machine Guns to the door. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley wanted a rematch against OGK after they cheated to retain. Heath and Rhino understood their plight and agreed that MCMG deserve another chance. However, it won’t be against Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. It would be against Heath and Rhino after they win the belts.

Tag team action is intensifying in the Impact Zone. OGK will be tough for anyone to beat, especially with Maria Kanellis creating chaos on the outside. If Heath and Rhino can get the job done, then their reign might be short-lived. MCMG are in the conversation of best tag teams today.

Will you be tuning in to see Heath and Rhino attempt to achieve their dream next week?

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