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Impact recap: Weirdos, returns, and Joe Hendry

Impact is traveling the road to Bound For Glory on Friday, October 7. Along the way, they picked up weirdos, returns, and Joe Hendry during the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.

We’ll start the weirdo section with some person trying to crash the set barging through fans behind the commentary table. This appears to be one of Eric Young’s Violent By Design disciples. Notice the V hand signal seen in last week’s VBD vignette.

It only got weirder from there. Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice segued into the return of John E. Bravo. The return of Wrestle House seems imminent. There a lot of little gems in this clip, such as Dice pushing Swinger in his Wrestlemania 3 cart, Swinger’s painted horse portrait and his wad of cash, and the tension between Bravo and Taya.

Father James Mitchell had a cameo when Rosemary inquired about his services. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Rosemary wanted to convert Jessicka back into Havok. Taya and Jessicka overheard and convinced Rosemary to accept the new version of Havok, for now. The scene ended with Rosemary still wanting to train Jessicka into more of a beast.

There was also weirdness in the ring when former ROH wrestler Delirious dueled with Black Taurus. A lot of gibberish was uttered throughout. It was like watching a science-fiction movie. Delirious had a cool sequence with ten consecutive running leg drops, but he couldn’t keep the bull down. Taurus secured the win with Destination Hell Hole.

The final piece of weirdness comes courtesy of Joe Hendry. The motivational man was awarded a family’s inheritance as they waved their arms side to side.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • Ace Austin & Chris Bey defeated Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid. Juice Robinson was ringside to support his Bullet Club brothers. Bullet Club earned victory with teamwork satisfaction. Ace tossed Bey into the air to connect on the Art of Finesse cutter to Trey. Ace followed with The Fold for victory.
  • Frankie Kazarian is eager to prove himself in the X-Division Championship challenge against “Speedball” Mike Bailey at Bound For Glory. He appreciates that Impact is giving him a chance to get in the game, instead of being forced to sit on the bench. Kaz plans to hit the reset button in the X-Division and win the title.
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers retained against Crazzy Steve. Myers thumbed Steve in the eye and clobbered him with the Roster Cut lariat to win. Afterward, Myers issued an open challenge for the internet title at Bound For Glory. (Full details here.)
  • The Call Your Shot Gauntlet returns at Bound For Glory. The prize is the right to call your shot at any Impact championship. PCO, Rich Swann, Heath, and Gisele Shaw were previously announced as participants. Several backstage promos increased the field. Bhupinder Gujjar added his name to the mix after getting to close to winning gold in last week’s ladder match loss to Brian Myers. Bobby Fish wants legit competition, so he’s coming for the Impact world champion. The quickest way to do that is winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Moose entered the Gauntlet match and aims to win the world title again, just like he did cashing in last year on Alexander. Maclin stepped in to enter as well, and the two started fighting. Scott D’Amore spoke with Sami Callihan about being in the Gauntlet. The Death Machine wanted another fight with Moose and Maclin, but he was not medically cleared at the moment. D’Amore booked Moose versus Maclin with Callihan as special referee next week.
  • Mia Yim aired old footage of her first time wrestling Mickie James years ago. Yim won’t be intimidated this time wrestling a legend. She respects Mickie too much to take it easy on her with the last rodeo retirement at stake. If Yim has to retire Mickie, then it is what it is. Gisele Shaw interrupted to guffaw at the idea of Yim beating Mickie when Shaw couldn’t do it herself. Yim versus Shaw was booked for next week.
  • Honor No More celebrated Eddie Edwards pinning Josh Alexander in trios action at Victory Road. Edwards insulted PCO again, and Vincent black sacked the monster’s head to prevent an eruption of violence. Talk turned to Eddie confident in being able to beat Alexander for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory. Alexander entered with a different opinion. Fisticuffs broke out. Rich Swann, Heath, and the Motor City Machine Guns joined the fight for the babyfaces to stand tall.
  • Rich Swann & Heath defeated PCO & Vincent. Swann created an opening to hit the Phoenix splash on Vincent for victory.
  • Monster’s Ball: Masha Slamovich defeated Allie Katch. Jordynne Grace made this match as her half of the Pick Your Poison challenge. Hardcore style with Slamovich emerging the victor via Snow Plow onto thumbtacks. (Full details here.)

This week of Impact Wrestling was an odd one. I say that in a good way. All the weirdness was amusing. Not to mention the wild Monster’s Ball. That was a rugged fight effective in increasing the aura of Masha Slamovich heading into the Knockouts Championship fight.

The top positive in my view was the tag team opener. Both duos displayed cool teamwork maneuvers. Check out this sunset powerbomb from Trey Miguel with help from Laredo Kid.

Chris Bey and Ace Austin had a nifty teamwork combo for Art of Finesse and The Fold. This Bullet Club duo could be a team to watch in the future for the tag team division as potential champions.

The top negative in my view is the Honor No More storyline. It has become a bunch of hot air without established goals of action. What are they actually trying to accomplish in their war? Impact could make it interesting if Eddie Edwards wins the world title and uses his stroke to replace Scott D’Amore. Otherwise, it’s just a group of disgruntled dudes with numbers on their side.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What were your favorite matches and moments?

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