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JONAH crushed Josh Alexander on a flying splash through a table on Impact

Last time JONAH and Josh Alexander tussled, the result was blood gushing from Alexander’s mouth due to internal injuries. Alexander brought the fight once again on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The outcome was similar as JONAH crushed Alexander on a flying splash through a table.

Before that business, JONAH had a match against Jake Something. Jake actually knocked the Top Dog off his feet on several occasions. The first was a shoulder block. Later, Jake took flight over the ropes to collide with JONAH.

Jake had momentum on his side until he ran full speed into a hefty haymaker of a clothesline from JONAH. A jumping senton and a flying splash sealed the deal for victory.

JONAH’s next order of business is a singles bout against Alexander at Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV on January 8, but Alexander couldn’t wait. The angry Canadian charged to the ring looking for payback. He took down JONAH and pounded punches. Security ran out to separate the two. Alexander and JONAH both broke free and continued the melee.

JONAH tried to gouge an eye, so Alexander bit his finger. JONAH went wild for a running splash into the corner sandwiching security into Alexander against the turnbuckles. JONAH pummeled everybody in the ring then focused on Alexander for a body slam, jumping senton to the stomach, then jumping senton to the lower back. Alexander was in tremendous pain.

JONAH finished with a flying splash through a table to make a statement.

The ongoing storyline for Alexander has been his inability to control his emotions. Once again, he let his anger get the best of him. Alexander didn’t have the patience to wait two more days for the official match against JONAH. He paid the price by reaggravating his injuries. The big question heading into Hard to Kill will be if Alexander can fight through the pain to conquer JONAH or if the damage is too great to overcome.

How did this latest skirmish affect your desire to see the PPV contest?

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