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Impact recap & reactions (Jan. 27, 2022): W. Morrissey smashes 8-on-1 match

Impact Wrestling (Jan. 27, 2022) featured the return of the Bullet Club anchored by the Guerrillas of Destiny, ROH hooligans getting a big match, Mickie James with lofty goals for the Royal Rumble, and Moose taking advantage of a situation to pound W. Morrissey.

W. Morrissey has the opportunity against Moose to become Impact world champion at No Surrender on February 19. He also received his request for a straight 1-on-1 bout. That date is a ways away, so Morrissey needed a warm-up.

Brian Myers’ Learning Tree was happy to oblige. Well, Myers was happy to volunteer his unit. VSK and Zicky Dice weren’t too thrilled about it. Myers decided to open the ranks and recruit more bodies for his tutelage. He accepted everyone who applied, except Manny Lemons. That made it an 8-on-1 match for Morrissey.

Morrissey mauled them all with big boots, clotheslines, running corner splashes, chokeslams, and powerbombs.

Morrissey won by powerbombing the last man standing onto Zicky Dice for a double pin.

Myers stepped away from the commentary table to confront Morrissey. Myers landed a sucker punch, then Morrissey goozled him. Moose finally made an appearance to attack Morrissey from behind. Morrissey fought back. As Morrissey goozled Myers again, Moose hit the 7-footer with the title belt. All the Learning Tree goofs put the boots to their adversary. Morrissey powered up knocking all of them down, but Moose pounced with a spear to stand tall holding the championship high.

Myers has turned into a nice foil for Morrissey as a way to chew up time before the title match at No Surrender. Morrissey gets to shine by destroying chumps, and he might even get a showcase against Myers in the near future. It also allows Moose to continue hiding and picking his spots for physicality to cement his status as an unsavory fellow. Boo that man!

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Laredo Kid defeated Blake Christian. The luchador used a Spanish Fly to win the BTI pre-show match.

Drama King (fka Aiden English) was the new color commentator with D’Lo Brown still tending to injuries from the ROH beatdown.

Jake Something defeated Chris Bey. Jake caught a flying Bey for a Black Hole slam.

Bullet Club members Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa ran out to pummel Jake. “Speedball” Mike Bailey tried to assist the Impact mate, but “Switchblade” Jay White came from behind to slam Bailey. The Guerrillas of Destiny sent a message that they are coming for the Good Brothers and the Impact tag titles.

The ROH intruders of Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Vincent, and PCO entered through the crowd. Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Rhino ran to the ring looking to fight. Scott D’Amore arranged a big tag match for No Surrender. If ROH wins, they get to stay. If ROH loses, they leave forever. D’Amore also booked Sabin versus PCO for the TV main event.

Tenille Dashwood was not cleared to wrestle, so Kaleb Konley took her place against the IInspiration. The tag titles were not on the line, but Konley still dreamed of winning those belts. Madison Rayne clarified that the objective was to scout the IInspiration. Konley’s job was to not screw that up.

D’Amore ushered ROH into their personal locker room, which was actually a big storage room. Former ROH owner Cary Silkin dropped in to exchange chitchat with the ROH 5. They ridiculed him about losing their jobs.

The IInspiration defeated The Influence. Kaleb Konley was in control and decided to use his phone to take a selfie. Jessie McKay scored the hot tag to Cassie Lee, who pinned Konley on a roll-up. Rayne threw a fit about losing.

Jake thanked Speedball for the assist earlier. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton made an excuse for not showing up. Bailey suggested they help in 8-man tag action against the Bullet Club. Ace made more excuses. Gail Kim overheard and booked the match anyway for next week.

The Quintessential Diva is coming. Her name was revealed as Gisele Shaw.

The Good Brothers spoke with Violent by Design about continuing their business relationship to take out the Bullet Club. Eric Young wasn’t interested at first, but Karl Anderson convinced him it was for the greater good to VBD’s benefit.

Mickie James gave a State of Address for the Knockouts. The division has grown to new highs. She aims to make them proud by winning the Royal Rumble. James wants to wrestle at WrestleMania in title versus title. Deonna Purrazzo interrupted calling this a waste of time and exited the scene. Chelsea Green interrupted to ask James for a title shot. Tasha Steelz interrupted to demand being the next challenger since she won the Ultimate X. A fight broke out with James and Green standing tall in the end as Steelz and Savannah Evans were knocked out of the ring. James versus Steelz was announced for No Surrender on February 19.

Steve Maclin lost his cool when asked about losing to Jonathan Gresham last week. He blamed it on Pure rules. Gresham stepped in to offer a rematch for next week without Pure rules and without the ROH title on the line.

Jordynne Grace accepted Matt Cardona’s challenge for the Impact Digital Media Championship. Grace respects that Cardona was a pioneer in the digital media space, but she hopes he won’t go crying on the internet about losing.

Raj Singh is bringing in a blue chip prospect from India. Bupinder Gujjar will arrive next week. John Skyler was looking for his opportunity to be on TV, so he agreed to wrestle the newcomer.

JONAH defeated Johnny Swinger. Top Dog squashed the Swingman with sentons and a flying splash. Afterward, Rosemary checked on Swinger and Decay stared down JONAH. Also of note during the match, the cameras showed Dan Lambert watching from the fan seats. He made his usual cranky facial expressions.

PCO defeated Chris Sabin. Both entourages were in full force ringside. Taven grabbed Sabin’s foot. Edwards did the same to PCO, but the ref caught him and ejected the Impact wrestlers. Sabin fought tough, however, the numbers were too much. Maria distracted the referee so Taven could shove Sabin off the turnbuckles. PCO cleaned up with a full nelson slam.

Honor No More put the boots to Sabin. Impact’s crew ran out to clear the ring as the show closed.

Impact continues to do a good job building up toward big matches. The Bullet Club appearance was probably a badass surprise for those that didn’t see all the prior announcements to sell tickets. Knowing they would appear, it was still pretty cool seeing Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa come through the Forbidden Door for their rivalry with the Good Brothers.

The ROH story is coming along nicely. We now have a purpose for their intrusions and an opportunity for resolution. Everything is pretty straight forward, so they must be setting up for a swerve. I originally thought Eddie Edwards would be the leading candidate for treachery, but now I’m thinking the hints are too obvious. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out someone else is in cahoots with ROH.

I’m curious what Impact is planning for the X-Division hierarchy. Laredo Kid has two wins in a row against quality names, but he’s not given camera time outside the ring. Chris Bey lost twice in a row, and he started out as the favorite to challenge Trey Miguel. Jake Something has been rocking the ring as a power man in the division. Jake versus Bey was high quality and worth checking out.

There were also plenty of little things to appreciate. What’s Dan Lambert doing in the Impact Zone? Sign me up for JONAH versus Black Taurus. That would be a heavy-duty hoss fight. I wonder why Rosemary is interested in Johnny Swinger. She’s probably plotting something sinister. Steve Maclin and Jonathan Gresham have a nice little feud brewing. Their first dance was very good, so I don’t mind seeing round two so soon.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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