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ROH invaders talked themselves into a match with big stipulations in Impact at No Surrender

The ROH 5, now named Honor No More, of Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Vincent, and PCO have been running roughshod over the Impact Zone the past few weeks. Honor No More were on the scene once again Thursday night on Impact Wrestling, and they talked themselves into a major match with big ramifications. It is time to put up or shut up.

The evening’s story began when Honor No More entered through the crowd. Eddie Edwards, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Rhino ran out to the ring looking for payback. Scott D’Amore wasn’t interested in doing business with the so-called carny pieces of shit, but he was persuaded by the fans and his own wrestlers. As a proper professional, D’Amore looked to capitalize on the skirmish by booking a match with ROH’s best against Impact’s best.

D’Amore agreed to a huge tag bout for No Surrender on February 19. If ROH’s team wins, then they get to stay in Impact. If ROH loses, then they hit the road for good.

It’s interesting that the graphic shows Maria Kanellis as a wrestler. Impact doesn’t shy away from intergender action, but her involvement in the ring clearly gives the edge to Impact’s team.

Impact’s heroes didn’t want to wait, so D’Amore booked Sabin versus PCO for the TV main event. Both squads were in full for support ringside. PCO dominated early. When Sabin picked up a little momentum, Taven grabbed his foot from the outside so PCO could regain control. Edwards returned the favor on PCO, however, he did that in full view of the referee. That earned Impact’s crew an ejection from the match. Sabin was left alone against Honor No More.

Sabin eventually found his groove. As he picked up PCO for the Cradle Shock finisher, Taven hopped onto the apron as a distraction. Sabin took matters into his own hands with kicks and a flipping attack to take out Honor No More.

Back in the ring, Sabin climbed the corner. Maria distracted the referee so Taven could shove Sabin off the turnbuckles. PCO took advantage for a full nelson slam to win. Immediately after the match, ROH put the boots to Sabin. Impact’s heroes returned for the save.

I hope you are ready for a C-O-N-spiracy. Eddie Edwards is acting a bit suspicious lately. I do not believe he has ever connected with his kendo stick on the ROH invaders yet. He also pulled Alexander’s ankle lock off Vincent. Sooner or later, fingers might start pointing his way as a possible traitor. But that’s just a silly conspiracy theory. Edwards is the heart of Impact’s locker room.

Honor No More weren’t the only people from ROH on the broadcast. Cary Silkin dropped by for a cameo. Silkin is a former owner of ROH. His appearance provided a little exploration into motivation. Taven stated that he lived by honor for 10 years and that earned him a trip to the back of the unemployment line. Plus, Taven has melvins on the internet blaming him for ROH’s Madison Square Garden show.

ROH world champion Jonathan Gresham also stepped on camera. Steve Maclin was not pleased about losing to Gresham last week. He blamed it on Pure rules. Gresham didn’t back down and offered a rematch without Pure rules and without the ROH title on the line. Maclin accepted for next week.

Do you hope ROH’s involvement develops past No Surrender? Have you noticed any suspicious actions from Eddie Edwards?

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