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ROH faction continues invasion of Impact for third week in a row, reveals potential group name

An invading group of ROH wrestlers crashed the Impact Zone yet again. For the third week in a row, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Vincent, and PCO made a physical impact on Impact Wrestling.

The loosely dubbed ROH 5 actually came in peace to start the show. They purchased tickets with the intent to be ringside in support of Jonathan Gresham defending the ROH World Championship, even though, Gresham denies any affiliation with them. Impact head honcho Scott D’Amore cut them off at the pass. He ripped up their tickets to upgrade the troublemakers to skybox seats. D’Amore surrounded them with security personnel to make sure no shenanigans took place.

Gresham defeated Steve Maclin to retain the ROH title without incident from the ROH scallywags. Part of the agreement was for the ROH 5 to leave the venue once the bout finished. They appeared to oblige as men of honor.

Their honor didn’t last very long. The ROH 5 crashed the ring after Josh Alexander defeated Charlie Haas in the main event. 5 against 2 was no match, and a beatdown ensued. Chris Sabin had been ringside on commentary. He saw enough and joined the fray, but there were too many ROH bodies to handle. Rich Swann and Willie Mack ran out to even the odds. Heath and Rhino also joined in. ROH still had the upper hand though. Eddie Edwards was the great equalizer with a kendo stick in hand. The ROH invaders retreated.

That wasn’t the end though. The ROH 5 made way to the rafters for a promo from Maria.

Maria Kanellis: Do you believe? Because I used to believe. We all used to believe in honor, in playing by the rules, in doing what’s right. We believed that honor is real. But that all changed. Change is upon us, and, now, this is honor no more.

It sure sounds like Maria provided an official name for her crew as Honor No More. That would make sense with how ROH closed its doors for a hiatus unexpectedly. The missing piece of the puzzle still remains for why they are invading Impact.

Does the ROH 5 still have your attention in Impact? What’s your take on the Honor No More name?

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