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Matt Cardona challenges Jordynne Grace for Impact’s internet championship

Matt Cardona knows a thing or two about being the champion of the internet. The broski coined the Internet Championship back in his days as Zack Ryder on the Z! True Long Island Story.

After Cardona failed to win the Impact World Championship at Hard to Kill, he decided to eye a different world title in Impact. Cardona is coming after Jordynne Grace and the Impact Digital Media Championship, which is basically Impact’s version of the Internet Championship.

Grace was fresh off a successful title defense against Lady Frost on the BTI pre-show when Cardona came down to the ring, pointed at the belt, then exited.

During Impact Wrestling, Cardona explained his motivation. He created the world wide web division, so consider it an official challenge.

The bout hasn’t been made official yet, but that hasn’t stopped Grace from chiming back with quality trash-talk. Thicc Mama Pump is a little reluctant to bring the pain to Cardona.

Grace was actually a fan of Cardona ten years ago.

Now, Grace is forced to reminisce about the days when Cardona was allegedly cool.

That was certainly an unexpected story turn in the Impact Zone, but I’m 100% in. The Impact Digital Media Championship is a perfect fit for the innovator of the world wide web division, or WWW division, or Woo Woo Woo division. You know it!

Challenging Grace will be a make or break moment for Cardona. He either wins the title to reignite his Impact career, or he loses again to cement his reputation as a lovable loser. Cardona is going to have his work cut out for him, because Grace is no chump. She’s probably strong enough to punch a hole through his head.

Are you interested in Cardona challenging Grace for the Impact Digital Media Championship? Who do you hope wins?

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