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Deonna Purrazzo wins ROH women’s title on Impact; ROH invading faction ruins celebration

Impact has lost control of the Impact Zone. Ring of Honor wrestlers ran amok with violent actions all night long on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling. They put D’Lo Brown through a table for crying out loud. To make matters worse, Brown wasn’t even wearing his signature chest protector. Scoundrels!

ROH is on hiatus until returning for the Supercard of Honor on April 1. With time to burn, ROH wrestlers have popped up on Impact recently. Some went that route in the spirit of competition, such as Jonathan Gresham and Rok-C.

Gresham retained the ROH World Championship against Chris Sabin at Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV. He will also be wrestling Steve Maclin next week to defend the honor of the ROH belt.

Rok-C competed against Deonna Purrazzo in a winner-take-all contest with the ROH women’s title and AAA Reina de Reinas Championship up for grabs on Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling. The match went down to the wire with back and forth submission finishers. Purrazzo showed why she is the Virtuosa by rolling through for the armbar. Rok-C began passing out to the pain. Just as the referee was going to call for the bell, Rok-C grabbed his pants to show she still had fighting spirit. Purrazzo snatched that free arm to cinch tight a double armbar for victory to win the ROH title and become double champ.

Other wrestlers from ROH have turned into hooligans. Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Vincent, and PCO formed a group to invade Impact at the Hard to Kill PPV. They crashed the party to beat up Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, and Rhino.

Those ruffians wasted no time making their presence felt on Impact Wrestling. Taven tried to take over the commentary table from D’Lo Brown and Tom Hannifan (aka Tom Phillips). D’Lo had enough and punched Vincent, but the numbers game got him. Bennett attacked from behind to set up D’Lo on a table. PCO leaped for a cannonball off the apron onto the table, which didn’t break. PCO went higher for a second cannonball off the turnbuckles to make sure his collision on top of D’Lo shattered the wood.

The bad guys promised they would return later in the broadcast. Edwards, Swann, Mack, Heath, and Rhino split up to search the Impact Zone for the perpetrators, but that did not end up well for Impact’s heroes. The Good Brothers and Violent by Design found Heath and Rhino already beat up backstage. Those jerks took advantage of the situation to stomp Heath and Rhino some more. Later, Edwards was found down in pain.

The final act of disorder from the ROH rogues was to put the kibosh on Purrazzo’s championship celebration. Immediately after winning the ROH title, Maria entered the ring trying to take back the ROH gold. Purrazzo was defiant, so the men surrounded her. Drama King came to his queen’s aid and was promptly beat down. Swann and Mack hit the ring, but the numbers were too much. ROH cleaned house on Impact turf.

The mystery is still open about this sinister group’s motives. Scoop master George Iceman reported intel that ROH management does not have a hand in these nefarious actions.

Does this ROH invasion angle pique your interest in Impact Wrestling?

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