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Charlie Haas makes surprise challenge to former Impact champion

Charlie Haas arrived in the Impact Zone. You read that right. Talk about a blast from the past. The 49-year-old 3-time WWE tag champion entered the ring to challenge former Impact world champ Josh Alexander.

The segment began with Alexander cutting a promo about obstacles in his way to regaining the world title from Moose. Alexander was sidetracked by conquering Minoru Suzuki and JONAH. Now, he’s not letting anyone else block his path. Or so he thought. Enter Haas making a surprise appearance to interrupt Alexander’s goal.

Haas requested a match, but Alexander declined for the immediate future. He wants to take back the Impact belt. After that, it would be an honor to have the match with Haas. Alexander’s patience began wearing thin, then Haas sucker punched him. Fisticuffs broke out before being separated by security. Alexander changed his mind and accepted the challenge for next week on Impact Wrestling.

Haas debuted with WWE in 2002 alongside tag partner Shelton Benjamin as part of Team Angle. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true. Haas and Benjamin also became 2-time ROH tag champs later in their careers.

What was your initial reaction to seeing Haas on TV again? Are you pumped to see Haas back in the ring to wrestle Alexander?

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