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Bullet Club member returns to Impact to help Chris Bey and Hikuleo

When the Bullet Club is in town, always keep your head on a swivel. You never know who will be lurking in the shadows. In this case, Chris Bey and Hikuleo received assistance from a past visitor to Impact Wrestling.

The Bullet Club feud with FinJuice continued for singles action between Hikuleo and David Finlay. The son of Haku showed his power on a delayed vertical suplex.

Finlay showed his savvy by countering a chokeslam into a stunner.

After ringside chicanery from Bey and Juice Robinson, Finlay was able to score a roll-up victory over Hikuleo.

That loss didn’t sit well with the Bullet Club. Fisticuffs broke out post-match. It looked like FinJuice would end with the upper hand, however, El Phantasmo ran out to turn the tide. He shoved Finlay off the turnbuckles and punched Robinson directly to the crotch. Bey unloaded a dope spinning knee strike for good measure. ELP finished the job with a loaded kick to Finlay.

El Phantasmo was last seen in Impact competing for X-Division gold against Josh Alexander at Under Siege in May. ELP lost on that evening. With Alexander vacating the X-Division Championship to cash in Option C for a world title shot against Christian Cage, Impact is holding a tournament to crown a new champ. El Phantasmo would certainly fit the bill as a potential favorite.

Would you like to see El Phantasmo as Impact’s next X-Division champion?

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