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Former NWA TV champ appears on Impact

Impact Wrestling just got outlandish.

Brian Myers has so much knowledge in his noggin to pass on to others. Having one protege wasn’t enough, so an open casting call was the order of business to look for new blood to join Sam Beale under Myer’s tree of tutelage. In the lineup, a former NWA TV champ appeared. It was none other than “Outlandish” Zicky Dice.

Myers whittled down the numbers by eliminating a security dude, a jabrone doing a literal gut check, a man inspired by Mojo Rawley, a masked man who wasn’t Matt Cardona in disguise, and a Honduran wrestler speaking Spanish. It was down to Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice.

Zicky’s attitude almost earned him a ticket to the parking lot. He claimed to be in the business for 34 years. When Myers inquired why he’s never heard of Zicky, Dice responded, “How come I’ve never heard of you?” Dice was saved when Beale pointed out they’d be stuck with Lemons.

I can’t blame Beale. Would you want to team with a man who gets power from crushing lemons?

Myers clearly doesn’t watch NWA Powerrr. Dice held the NWA World Television Championship for 268 days. Granted, part of that time was on the pandemic hiatus, but he still has that achievement on his résumé. Dice is on the short list with Ricky Starks, Pope, and Tyrus as champs in the new era for the NWA’s television gold.

For those new to Dice, he’s a sleazy character who is outlandish on the mic. Dice should fit in well for the Impact Zone vibe. Besides, he can’t be all bad if DDP does yoga with him.

Are you excited for the next chapter in Zicky Dice’s career? Do you think Dice is a good addition to the Impact roster?

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