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Impact recap: Mickie James goes Hardcore Country on Deonna Purrazzo

Impact Wrestling (Sep. 16, 2021) featured Mickie James going Hardcore Country on Deonna Purrazzo, Su Yung collecting another victim’s soul, Rhino standing up to Violent by Design, and Christian Cage leading his squad into ten-man action on the go-home to Victory Road.

Mickie James warned Deonna Purrazzo that she would teach her a lesson in Hardcore Country. The introductory course of kick ass took place on Impact Wrestling.

The feud exploded in the aftermath of Drama King losing to Trey Miguel. Trey dodged a swanton then rallied for a fancy German suplex and the Hour Glass submission to win.

As Trey was celebrating, Purrazzo ran out to dish a low blow. The Knockouts champ put to the boots to poor Trey. Hardcore Country! Bow, chika bow, chika bow bow bow. James ran in with fists itching for action. Thesz press by James and hockey fight tactics with hair pulling took place before security separated the ladies. James kicked off her heels to rush through the mischief for round two. After another separation, things seemed safe. Not so fast. James jumped off the turnbuckles for a flying crossbody onto a pile of bodies below on the floor. That was the final strike in this lesson of Hardcore Country.

Before we dive into the the main show, there was a noteworthy incident on the BTI pre-show. Su Yung, Kimber Lee, and Brandi Lauren kidnapped Swingerella #3 to collect her soul. Johnny Swinger valiantly saved himself by shoving the Swingerella into the clutches of the undead brides. Swinger then comically jumped into the arms of Hernandaddy while kicking his feet in fear.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus defeated Rhino & Deaner. Deaner tried to cheat with the Violent by Design flag pole, but he accidentally hit Rhino. Steve pounced for a DDT to pin Rhino.

Afterward, Eric Young was angry at Rhino’s failure. Rhino had enough and stood his ground. Bad move mouthing off to the leader. Deaner blindsided Rhino. Joe Doering added in the boots. Young broke the pole over Rhino’s back.

Swinger was concerned about the Impact Zone moving to Las Vegas, which would create competition for his Swinger’s Palace casino. TJP came to collect on last week’s gamble. Petey Williams was angered about TJP costing his match. Williams threatened an ass-kicking in the ring.

Christian Cage was with his team prior to the 10-man main event. Chris Sabin, Josh Alexander, Sami Callihan, and Eddie Edwards may have personal differences, but they are ready to fight.

Petey Williams defeated TJP. Maple Leaf Muscle muscled a roll-up for victory. Steve Maclin made mincemeat out of both men in the aftermath.

Willie Mack returned on crutches to confront the Good Brothers for putting him in the hospital. Mack tossed one crutch off-screen, and it happened to be Rich Swann standing by his side. A skirmish broke out. Swann and Mack requested a tag title match from D’Amore. Wish granted for Victory Road.

John Skyler aimed to prove Laredo Kid’s win last week was a fluke.

John Skyler defeated Laredo Kid. Skyler pulled the luchador’s mask to create a roll-up situation. Skyler grabbed the tights to ensure victory.

Taylor Wilde was guest host on All About Me with guests Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb Konley. Wilde brought Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering as backup. Wilde forced Dashwood into agreeing for a singles match at Victory Road.

Matt Cardona ambushed Rohti Raju and Shera as they entered the venue. D’Amore gave Cardona a no DQ match against Rohit Raju provided Cardona doesn’t get physical again before then. That contest will take place at Victory Road.

Tasha Steelz stole the Knockouts tag belts last week. She challenged Decay to come get them at Victory Road.

Chris Bey flapped his gums about having Hikuleo by his side against FinJuice at Victory Road.

Christian Cage, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, & Sami Callihan defeated Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Brian Myers, Moose, & W. Morrissey. Ten-man tag action for the main event. Down the stretch, Edwards superplexed Ace onto the bodies below. In the ring, Christian speared Myers. Blind tag from Alexander to secure the win via double underhook piledriver.

Victory Road kicks off tonight (Sep. 18) at 8 pm ET on the Impact Plus app. The full card includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Ace Austin
  • X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Sabin
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Rosemary & Havok (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans
  • Moose & W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan
  • Chris Bey & Hikuleo vs. FinJuice
  • No DQ: Rohit Raju vs. Matt Cardona
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde
  • Steve Maclin vs. TJP vs. Petey Williams

Plenty of good matches on paper. I’d go with the X-Division title match to steal the show. I’m favoring all four champions to retain, although, if I had to pick one upset, I’d go with Steelz and Evans winning gold.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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