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Impact gave Sami Callihan his own uncensored show with plenty of profanity

Impact Wrestling is branching out in the content game by offering Sami Callihan his own show. One of the conditions for Callihan’s agreement is that the show be uncensored. Impact agreed, and the result was plenty of profanity.

The introduction for Callihan Uncensored sums up the vibe very well. Language warning.

The steady flow of curse words certainly provided several chuckles from me. I’ll admit that I’m not above laughing at the excessive use of profanity. The scene was a strong opener that earned my curiosity.

Callihan explained the format as:

Callihan: So, what exactly is Callihan Uncensored? To be honest, it’s anything I want it to be. Each episode will be a buffet of random content. It could be matches, it could be promos, it could be interviews, skits, pretty much anything I find amusing. And Impact management has given me full reign to do whatever I want, say whatever I want, and, the best part of it all, it’s completely uncensored.

The show leveled out after that into an interview with Rosemary and archive footage of a match between Rey Fenix and AR Fox in Wrestling Revolver from 2017.

The chat from Callihan and Rosemary was in character. Topics included the history of Decay, Star Wars versus Star Trek, and word association. The one question that stuck out to me was Rosemary inquiring about Callihan’s special skills to hack into the Impact system for his ‘lights out, lights on’ appearance gimmick. Callihan explained there was no magic behind his method.

Callihan: It’s not magic. It is technology. People want to say, ‘Oh, Callihan is using magic to teleport around the building.’ No. It’s way more simpler than that. Impact Wrestling has a terrible firewall. It’s rather easy to hack into that. I can control the lights with one click of a button. You just don’t know where I’m coming from. It could be under the ring, it could be through the crowd, it could be through the entrance way. It’s that sense of surprise. So, everyone out there on the internet that’s saying I’m teleporting, I’m not teleporting. That pisses me off, because I’m not teleporting.

I’m guilty of thinking Callihan used teleportation techniques, so this was a valuable clarification. I still don’t know if I believe him though. Rosemary pointed out how he must be extremely fast to get from point A to point B so quickly. That’s my issue with Callihan’s assessment. It is actually easier for me to believe he uses teleportation than believing he can run from room to room in a matter of seconds, especially since Callihan has never shown that blazing speed when wrestling. In fact, I would also buy into a cloning explanation over his claims of speediness.

Overall, Callihan Uncensored was amusing to watch. The debut episode is more of a treat for Impact fans rather than a show with crossover appeal. Callihan could adapt the format as he sees fit in the future, so Callihan Uncensored might evolve over time. For now, the interviews have potential to be the strong suit of the program.

Callihan Uncensored is currently available on the Impact Plus app (here).

Will you be giving Callihan Uncensored a try? If you watched, what’s your assessment of the program? Do you believe Callihan’s explanation of his technology tricks?

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