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Impact Emergence results: Christian retains world title and new #1 contender emerges

Impact returned for another special event last night (Aug. 20, 2021). The Emergence show featured Christian Cage’s first defense of the Impact World Championship, a new #1 contender emerging on the scene, and much more action.

The big draw for Emergence was Christian Cage returning to Impact. He carried the Impact World Championship in tow after winning it from Kenny Omega. Not only was Christian in line for his first title defense, but it also marked his first match in Impact since 2008.

Brian Myers was the flavor of the month as #1 contender. As Christian explained, Myers may be the Most Professional Wrestler, but there are levels in this game. Christian backed up his point of being the best professional wrestler.

The bout began with stalemate maneuvering. Christian scored the first big move with a reverse DDT. As he set up for a spear, Myers rolled out of the ring. Christian turned his attention to Myers’ protege, Sam Beale. The champ chased Beale around the ring. That allowed Myers to strike from behind to gain control.

Christian rallied with punches in the corner and a flying dropkick. The champ positioned for his Killswitch finisher, but Beale caused a distraction on the apron. Christian reacted proactively to put Beale down on a reverse DDT. As soon as Christian re-entered the ring, Myers exploded for a spear. 1, 2, the champ kicked out.

Myers hoisted Christian up onto the turnbuckles for a superplex. The champ fought his way out to fly for a tornado DDT. Myers kicked out on the pin. Christian went for a Killswitch, however, Myers ran forward forcing Christian to collide into the ropes. Myers charged for a second spear. Christian was quicker to the draw and leveled Myers with a spear of his own. Christian finally hit the Killswitch to retain the Impact World Championship.

There’s no rest for top guys in the sport of professional wrestling. Christian’s next challenger was determined via #1 contender four-way involving Moose, Ace Austin, Chris Sabin, and Sami Callihan.

The bout was a fast-paced free-for-all with bodies flying in and out. Moose took control early by powerbombing Sabin over the ropes onto bodies below.

The finish picked up steam when Callihan crushed Sabin with a piledriver. Ace tried to poach the pin by attacking Callihan with a double stomp. Ace didn’t get a chance to capitalize, because Moose was there to enforce his will once again. Moose flattened Ace with a uranage and a chokeslam. Moose waited in the corner ready for a spear. Callihan was on the outside and sensed the end was near. He grabbed Moose’s foot then bashed him in the head with a chair. Ace exploited the situation for a roll-up. He appeared to grab the tights en route to victory.

It was announced that Ace will get his title opportunity against Christian at Victory Road on September 18.

Let’s boogie through the rest of the show.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers retained against Joe Doering & Rhino and Rich Swann & Willie Mack. Hectic pace with so many moving parts. Mack had momentum after a stunner to Karl Anderson. Mack climbed the corner for a frog splash, but Rhino pushed him down. Rhino tagged himself in gearing up for a Gore to Anderson. Luke Gallows ran in to block the path. In the bounce back, Anderson rolled up Rhino for the three count. After the match, Violent by Design was angry and frustrated with Rhino’s failure. They exited the ring without him.

Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt defeated Melina & Trey Miguel. The match was intergender rules. Melina and Trey utilized nifty teamwork attacks.

Unfortunately, they missed the target when Trey bodyslammed Melina onto the mat after their opponent rolled away. Purrazzo and the Drama King charged in for a double Russian leg sweep to Melina. Trey was shoved off the turnbuckles. Melina escaped a fireman’s carry to drop for a roll-up. As Rehwoldt’s kick-out forced Melina into the corner, Purrazzo landed a cheap shot punch. Rehwoldt took advantage for an inside cradle to win.

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander retained against Jake Something. The contest was heated from the start, but it swung into a higher gear when Jake caught Alexander’s running low crossbody to counter into a DVD on the floor. Alexander was weary yet still had the wherewithal to grab the ropes on pinfalls.

Alexander rallied with 10 straight German suplexes.

The two men went back and forth escaping attempts at finishers. Alexander turned the tide with a double underhook piledriver on the apron.

Jake dug deep to explode for a surprise powerbomb. Alexander kicked out then closed with a double underhook piledriver in the center of the ring. Alexander and Jake shared a handshake of respect afterward.

Madison Rayne defeated Taylor Wilde. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley were ringside. During a bridging German suplex by Wilde, Konley grabbed the referee to prevent a three count. Dashwood smashed Wilde into the ring post. Rayne rolled up her opponent for the victory.

Steve Maclin defeated Petey Williams. Maclin showed hard-hitting offense by catching a hurricanrana to counter into a powerbomb onto the apron. He followed with a flying elbow drop from the apron down to the floor. Williams went for the Canadian Destroyer a few times, but Maclin always escaped quickly. Williams went to his submission game instead to lock in a Sharpshooter. As Maclin reached for the ropes, Williams hooked his arm to prevent the break. Maclin resorted to biting Williams, which caused Lil Petey Pump to fall over into the referee. Maclin used that window of opportunity for a low blow. Maclin finished with an inverted facelock sitdown driver.

Rosemary, Havok, Crazzy Steve, & Black Taurus defeated Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Fallah Bahh, & No Way Jose. Rosemary and Taurus teamed for a double spear to Bahh for the win.

Matt Cardona defeated Rohit Raju. Chelsea Green and Shera were ringside. Cardona had strong momentum, so Shera provided a distraction. Rohit rolled up Cardona with his feet on the ropes. The referee caught Rohit cheating and broke the pinfall. In the commotion, Cardona pounced for his Radio Silence leg lariat finisher for victory. Afterward, Shera attacked Cardona for a chokeslam backbreaker. Green stepped in to protect her future husband. Shera and Rohit backed away, because they had no interest in hitting a woman.

Emergence was a solid show from Impact. There were no surprises, swerves, or title changes. The event was anchored by good wrestling matches from top to bottom.

Emergence unfolded as expected. Josh Alexander and Jake Something had a rugged fight worthy of match of the night. The multi wrestler contests were total non-stop action. Christian stood tall in the end as Impact World Champion. I like the call of having Ace Austin as his next challenger. I don’t think Ace is going to win, but it should be a valuable learning experience as his stock rises.

Madison Rayne hasn’t lost a step. That was her return match from retirement, and she moved as smooth as she always did. The same could be said about Taylor Wilde when she originally returned to Impact. Despite extended absences, both women picked up right where they left off.

Steve Maclin versus Petey Williams was pretty darn good. I wasn’t expecting much from the match, but they worked hard adding drama to the outcome. I was left impressed by both men. Maclin is finally receiving the chance to break out of his WWE shadow. Williams showed he can still crush it in the ring.

The Rhino troubles are a curious development. It has me wondering if perhaps Heath is close to a comeback date. It would be fun to see Rhino reconcile with the error of his ways to rejoin Heath as a tag team unit to feud with Violent by Design.

Share your thoughts on Emergence. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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