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Impact recap & reactions: Deonna Purrazzo calls out AEW’s Tony Khan

Impact Wrestling (Aug. 12, 2021) featured the return of a Knockouts legend, Brian Myers winning #1 contender honors, and Deonna Purrazzo with a harsh message for Tony Khan.

Impact’s Knockouts division is cooking right now. In addition to Madison Rayne returning from retirement (full details here), Deonna Purrazzo had scathing words for AEW’s Tony Khan, Su Yung collected the soul of Kiera Hogan, and Tasha Steelz is coming to take back the tag titles.

During the promotion for Kenny Omega versus Christian Cage, Purrazzo was asked for a prediction. Since AEW hasn’t made time for her to step through the Forbidden Door, she couldn’t be bothered to make time for them with analysis of the big fight. Instead, Purrazzo issued a message for Tony Khan to pick up the phone and offer her a chance to defend the Knockouts Championship on AEW television. Until that happens, she doesn’t care about anything AEW is doing.

This could amount to something or it could amount to nothing. At this point, there isn’t much benefit on AEW’s side. Since they are all in on Dr. Britt Baker’s title run, there is very little chance they would sacrifice her in title versus title to advance Purrazzo’s agenda. If there is a Forbidden Door talent exchange, it would be more likely to swing Impact’s way with AEW talent coming for Purrazzo. Either way, it is a good piece of Forbidden Door universe continuity for Purrazzo to acknowledge the snub. It fits with Purrazzo’s ego and attitude while also keeping options alive for fans to dream about. One thing we’ve learned in the Forbidden Door era is to never say never.

Last week, Tasha Steelz brought in a heater to deal with Kiera Hogan being the weak link of Fire ‘n’ Flava. Savannah Evans did the dirty work to beat down Hogan. On Thursday night, Hogan called out Steelz to dish out an ass-kicking. Unfortunately for Hogan, someone else answered the call. Su Yung and newly converted undead bribe Kimber Lee came out to the ring to take Hogan’s soul. Yung used mind melding with Lee to execute the Mandible Claw then drag Hogan to the back.

This was a creative way to produce a victim for Su Yung’s soul collecting while writing Hogan off TV as she exits the company to test free agency. I’m certainly intrigued at the Undead Realm activity. I want to know what the effect will be of Yung stacking souls like Oreos with a glass of milk.

Later in the show, Steelz was asked about turning her back on Hogan. Steelz viewed herself as the star of the team. In their losing streak, somebody had to go, and it wasn’t going to be the Boricua Badass. Changes needed to be made, so Evans was brought in. In regard to Yung attacking Hogan, Steelz laughed it off. Fallah Bahh swooped in to request backup to deal with Rosemary and Havok. Steelz decided to step in, since they are holding her tag titles.

And just like that, Impact’s Knockouts tag division is stacked. There are Rosemary & Havok as champs, Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering as babyface powerhouses, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans as the little big combo, Su Yung & Kimber Lee as the spooky creepers, and possibly Madison Rayne joining Tenille Dashwood to form a duo as well. Taylor Wilde might even get in on the tag team scene if she brings in a partner to help with Rayne and Dashwood. It’s a good pivot to load up in tag team action, since Purrazzo’s story is into exploring outside competition and legends, such as Melina making her Impact in-ring debut next week.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Taylor Wilde. Madison Rayne made a surprise return to attack Wilde. Dashwood cleaned up with her single-leg dropkick finisher for victory. Afterward, Rayne and Dashwood teased hesitation toward each other before sharing a big hug to show they were in cahoots.

Josh Alexander defeated Daivari. The story was Daivari trying to beat the X-Division champ to earn a title shot. Alexander took control in the end to win via double underhook piledriver. Jake Something came out to grab the title belt and hype his match against Alexander at Emergence on August 20.

Violent by Design interrupted a Good Brothers promo, and a hoss fight was set up for next week between Luke Gallows and Joe Doering.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are fed up with Scott D’Amore and Tony Khan colluding to ruin the champ’s title reign. Omega will still step up to show he is the best by defeating Christian Cage.

FinJuice defeated Jay White & Chris Bey. This tag bout was a tease for White defending the NEVER Openweight Championship against David Finlay at NJPW Resurgence on Aug. 14. White and Finlay didn’t have too much interaction in the ring during the bout. They saved that for afterward. FinJuice used Doomsday Device on Bey, but White attacked with a chair to cause a disqualification. White sent a message to Finlay by executing a Blade Runner onto a chair.

Christian is confident he can succeed in winning the Impact World Championship from Omega on AEW Rampage. He owes it to Impact to bring their title home.

John Skylar defeated Matt Cardona. The shocking upset was a result of Rohit Raju and Shera venturing ringside. When the intruders hopped onto the apron, Skylar took advantage to hit a jumping knee strike and a roll-up for victory.

#1 Contender Battle Royal: Brian Myers earns an Impact world title shot. (Full details here.) Myers survived the 20-man contest by dumping both Moose and Chris Sabin in the end.

Lots of stories are in full swing. The Knockouts division is loaded with intrigue at the moment. Surprises were the order of the evening with Madison Rayne returning, John Skylar beating Matt Cardona, and Brian Myers becoming #1 contender. The Skylar win was a real shocker, since he might not even be signed to Impact.

Myers was an interesting choice to win the battle royal. I like the idea that anyone can succeed in that style of match. It’s all too often that a top star earns victory when they don’t really need the win to force their way into the title picture. With Myers, he’s been on the mid-card, so this truly is his fast track to glory.

Last note. Be sure to check out Shakiel Mahjouri’s interview with Josh Alexander. They discussed game-changing advice from Sami Zayn and Alexander’s dream matches.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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