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Former Knockouts champ comes out of retirement with surprise return to Impact

Madison Rayne has returned to the Impact Zone. The five-time Knockouts champion retired in January. That time off didn’t last long. Rayne made a surprise appearance to influence a match tonight on Impact Wrestling (Aug. 12, 2021).

Taylor Wilde finally had a chance to put hands on Tenille Dashwood in a legal match. Down the stretch, the referee took a bump and was woozy in the corner. As Wilde took care of that pest Kaleb Konley, the distraction allowed Rayne to run in and ram Wilde into the ring post. Dashwood pounced for a single-leg dropkick for victory.

After the match, Rayne teased dissension with Dashwood, then both ladies smiled wide to share a big hug.

There was no further exploration on the broadcast as to why Rayne assisted Dashwood, but Rayne chimed in on Twitter to mock the idea that she retired.

Since Dashwood already has Konley as a manager, I’m guessing a new tag team might be on the menu. Dashwood has been searching for a steady partner ever since the Knockouts tag titles were re-instated by Impact. She may have finally found one in Rayne.

Did you pop at the return of Madison Rayne to Impact? What would you like to see for Rayne’s role on the show going forward?

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