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Sami Callihan arrested but returns to powerbomb Kenny Omega through a table

Don Callis is a crafty fellow. He arranged for Sami Callihan to be arrested in order to avoid putting Kenny Omega across the ring from the Death Machine in the main event of Slammiversary on July 17. Unfortunately for Callis, his plan was foiled, and Callihan returned to powerbomb Omega through a table.

Everything seemed hunky dory as Callis and Omega entered the Impact Zone in preparation for the contract signing to cement the Impact World Championship bout against Callihan.

As for Callihan, he was arrested early in the show. Deputy Johnson served a warrant for assault and battery to Callis. The security crew mobbed Callihan, so he could be handcuffed.

Later, Callis revealed footage of his assault. The Invisible Hand had trouble processing the traumatic incident. Video showed ‘Callihan’ punching Callis in the face. Sami’s face was suspiciously covered by a bandana.

Scott D’Amore requested that Omega still attend the contract signing, even though, Callihan was taken into custody.

The main event segment rolled around with Callis and Omega front and center. D’Amore was confident that he could still salvage the match for Slammiversary. Callis doubted Callihan’s freedom, since this would be his eighth strike in the legal system. Nonetheless, Omega put pen to paper for the world title bout.

All of a sudden, Callihan’s hacker gimmick started futzing with the screen. A different angle of the alleged assault was aired. It showed Johnny Swinger filming and John E. Bravo dressed like Callihan.

Callis claimed the footage was doctored. Lights out, lights on. Callihan was in the ring with a baseball bat. He bashed Omega then focused on Callis. That distraction allowed Omega to pounce from behind. Omega was planning for a piledriver to mock Callihan’s finisher. As Omega taunted, Callihan responded with a low blow. Callihan turned it around to hit a package piledriver on Omega. He signed the contract then powerbomed Omega through a table to close the broadcast.

That was a doozy of a tale spread throughout the show. The contract is official. Kenny Omega will defend the Impact World Championship against Sami Callihan at Slammiversary on July 17.

Did all this drama pump you up for the Slammiversary main event? Where does Callihan’s arrest rank among comparable wrestling story scenarios?

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