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Kenny Omega’s next opponent teased as Jay White or a current Impact champion

Kenny Omega took the best Sami Callihan had to offer in a no DQ fight and still prevailed to retain the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary. Impact didn’t waste time in letting the champ savor his hard-fought victory. They allowed NJPW Bullet Club leader “Switchblade” Jay White to crash the celebration. Tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling (July 22, 2021) picked up where the PPV left off. Not only does Omega have a possible match looming with White, but he also has eyes on X-Division Champion Josh Alexander.

The Omega story crossed through several segments throughout the night, so let’s break it all down.

The first order of business is to show the footage that occurred right as Slammiversary went off the air. The final image for viewers was tension teased between Omega and White. It turns out that FinJuice rushed the ring. David Finlay attacked White, but White was the last man standing after hitting a Blade Runner swinging reverse STO on Finlay.

The main purpose of that skirmish was to hype White versus Finlay at NJPW Resurgence on August 14. During Impact Wrestling, Finlay and White didn’t interact physically. FinJuice had a tag match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, which ended in a beatdown of the sweet boys when Rohit Raju and Shera joined the mix.

As for White, he had Bullet Club business to attend to by inviting Chris Bey to join. Bey was on the fence, but White warned that the offer will expire.

When it came time for White to enter the ring for a promo, he took credit as single-handedly selling out Madison Square Garden and being the real belt collector.

White clarified that he is here for Finlay. There is no hiding even in Impact. Finlay’s career peaked when he defeated White in the New Japan Cup. White claimed that Finlay will never beat him again.

White then turned his attention to mocking the Elite as fans of the Bullet Club. They only attach themselves to the name to stay relevant. The Good Brothers do not meet White’s quality standards for admission to the new era Bullet Club.

When someone insults the Elite, of course they will show up to counter the trashtalk. And that’s what happened. Don Callis joined Omega and the Good Brothers to run down White’s inflated ego. The current Bullet Club is a shell of its former greatness. Callis flipped the script to request White ask to join the Elite. White countered with reminding them that he beat Omega one-on-one in the ring last time they met. Callis and Omega left in a huff leaving the Good Brothers to handle things.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows requested gratitude for laying the foundation for today’s Bullet Club. White continued to mouth off, so fisticuffs broke out. The numbers game took charge to set up White for a Magic Killer. Bey ran in for the save before the Good Brothers could hit their finisher.

That led to a challenge for next week from the Good Brothers versus White and Bey.

Backstage, Josh Alexander was in an interview speaking about being a fighting champion. Omega walked by and overheard. He took offense to the idea of Alexander wanting to be the face of the company. Callis ushered Omega away before things got too heated.

Omega’s next opponent in Impact, or NJPW for that matter, has not been discussed officially, but seeds have been planted for Omega to collect even more belts. He could soon find himself wearing the X-Division Championship and the NEVER Openweight Championship in addition to the AEW World Championship, Impact World Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and AAA Megacampeonato.

Do you believe Jay White and Josh Alexander are worthy competition for Kenny Omega? How many more belts would you like to see Omega collect? Would Chris Bey be a good fit in NJPW’s Bullet Club?

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