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Kenny Omega retains Impact World Championship then has a staredown with Jay White at Slammiversary

The Slammiversary main event featured Kenny Omega versus Sami Callihan for the Impact World Championship in a no DQ match. After tearing the house down in a violent affair, the show closed with a bang in the form of a surprise appearance from “Switchblade” Jay White.

When the no DQ stipulation was announced, it was clear that the match would be bonkers. Indeed it was with blood, brutality, and drama. Callihan kicked it off by attacking during Omega’s introduction. The Death Machine hit a piledriver right out of the gate. 1, 2, the champ kicked out.

Callihan made full use of the no DQ rules by tossing a chair and a trashcan into the ring. He took a seat to remove a fork from his pocket. Omega was able to escape without damage, but Callihan had another trick during a sunset flip attempt. Callihan took out a pizza cutter from his pocket to slice a gash on Omega’s forehead. The champ was bloodied within the first few minutes of the contest. Callihan furiously continued slicing Omega.

Callihan hit a DVD, but Omega strategically rolled out of the ring to stall the onslaught and regroup. Callihan took his sweet time arriving with a suicide dive. Omega saw it coming and blasted Callihan in the head with a trashcan lid. It was now Omega’s turn for violence. He smashed Callihan good and plenty with the lid, a cookie sheet, and a wet floor sign. Callihan defiantly took the pain with middle fingers in the air.

Omega followed up by holding a trashcan during a moonsault then a trashcan standing elbow drop. Omega tried for the Winged Angel, but Callihan escaped to counter with a roll-up. Omega exploded out with force to send Callihan crashing into a chair in the corner. Time for Callihan to bleed. Omega dug the fork into the Death Machine’s forehead and fishhooked his cheek.

The action spilled to the floor. Omega placed a table atop Callihan’s body to execute a jumping double stomp off the apron. Callihan came back with a piledriver through a table.

As if this match wasn’t crazy enough, Callihan retrieved a chair wrapped in barbed wire hidden under the ring steps. Omega escaped a crucifix carry to land a V-trigger. He followed with a Kotaro Crusher onto the barbed wire chair. Omega powerbombed Callihan onto the barbed wire chair and connected on another V-trigger. Callihan was able to grab the ropes to break the count on the pinfall. Omega kept up the pace with a superplex onto a pile of plunder. 1, 2, kick out by Callihan.

Callihan ate one more V-trigger, but he escaped Omega’s One Winged Angel attempt. Callihan countered to crush a tombstone piledriver onto the barbed wire chair. Omega kicked out on the cover.

Omega used the classic tactic of salt to the eyes of Callihan. The blinded Death Machine grabbed the referee thinking it was his opponent and laid him out with a piledriver. Omega capitalized on Callihan’s confusion by whacking him in the head with the title belt. Omega flattened Callihan with a piledriver on top of the championship. The crowd counted to seven on Omega’s cover by the time the backup referee arrived. Callihan predictably kicked out on the late count. An angry Omega punched the backup ref in response.

The Good Brothers decided it was time to mingle, but Chris Sabin and Eddie Edwards cut off their path on stage and brawled to the back. In the commotion, Callihan hit a package piledriver. 1, 2, kick out.

What could possibly take this insanity the next level? Oh, I don’t know. How about a sack of thumbtacks? Callihan emptied the objects onto the mat. His plan was for a piledriver, but Don Callis sensed potential doom for Omega and caused a distraction ringside. That allowed Omega space to throw a handful of tacks into Callihan’s face. The champ followed with a V-trigger. Omega knelt down to load his knee pad with tacks for another V-trigger. 1, 2, Callihan kicked out. Omega shoved tacks in Callihan’s mouth then unleashed one final V-trigger. The Best Bout Machine locked and loaded the One Winged Angel for victory to retain the Impact World Championship.

The show didn’t close there.

In the aftermath of the Elite’s celebration, the lights went out. The big screen rolled a Bullet Club video. Out came “Switchblade” Jay White as Impact’s final surprise of the evening.

White is the leader of the NJPW Bullet Club faction and also the current NEVER openweight champion.

White entered the ring for a tense staredown with Omega and the Elite. Omega’s pals called for a Too Sweet clink, but White was hesitant. In the middle of the tease to see if White is friend or foe, the show went off the air awkwardly. Judging from commentary, it sounded like fisticuffs broke out, but viewers didn’t get to see what happened.

Sean Ross Sapp was in attendance and reported that FinJuice attacked White with Switchblade standing tall.

Keep in the loop on the rest of the surprises with live results of the show. Chelsea Green, No Way Jose, Thunder Rosa, and Mickie James also arrived in Impact at Slammiversary.

Did Omega versus Callihan exceed your expectations? What’s your reaction to the Bullet Club drama?

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