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Thunder Rosa & Mickie James enter Forbidden Door at Impact Slammiversary

The Forbidden Door is swinging wide up tonight at Impact’s Slammiversary PPV. Thunder Rosa and Mickie James barged through for surprise appearances.

Deonna Purrazzo has cleared out the Knockouts division as champ, so Impact reached into their bag of tricks to offer her the opportunity to become the greatest Knockouts champion of all-time. Impact set up a mystery opponent for Purrazzo at Slammiversary. The big question was who could it be.

Purrazzo entered first for the title match, then the music hit for THUNDER ROSA!

Thunder Rosa entered the Forbidden Door to compete for the Knockouts gold. She has been signed with NWA while also dabbling with AEW.

The contest began as a competitive stalemate of a chess match. Thunder Rosa was driven by her passion, while Purrazzo remained cool and composed. Purrazzo focused an snatching an arm for her armbar finisher. The champ trapped the challenger three times in the submission, but she was never able to fully cinch it in tight.

Thunder Rosa rallied with a DVD and a flying double stomp to the spine.

Purrazzo kicked out on the cover. Thunder Rosa aimed to finish with the Fire Thunder Driver, however, Purrazzo countered with a victory roll. Thunder Rosa escaped, so Purrazzo unloaded a big boot to the head. The Virtuosa changed tactics to hit her Gotch piledriver finisher. 1, 2, 3. Purrazzo remains queen of the Knockouts division.

After the match, Hardcore Country played on the speakers. Mickie James was at Slammiversary.

James wasn’t out there to fight. She respected Purrazzo’s accomplishments and offered her a spot on the NWA all-women’s PPV in August. Purrazzo was insulted that James didn’t let her have her own moment in the spotlight after a tough win. The Virtuosa told James to grab her trash bag and get the hell out here. James responded with a slap across the face and a superkick to eject Purrazzo from the ring.

Keep in the loop on the rest of the surprises with live results of the show. Chelsea Green, FinJuice, and No Way Jose also arrived in Impact at Slammiversary.

Where do Thunder Rosa and Mickie James rank on the cool scale for surprise appearances?

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