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No Way Jose brings a party to the Impact Zone at Slammiversary

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Slammiversary is all about surprise appearances. Impact had a spot open up when TJP was unable to compete in the four-way tag title match. Fallah Bahh came out on stage to introduce his new partner with the tease, “No, no, no, No Way Jose!”

No Way Jose entered the Impact Zone with a conga line in tow.

Jose was the life of the party.

Even Rich Swann and Willie Mack joined in on the dancing.

Jose competed strong hitting some of his signature moves.

In the end, the novelty of No Way Jose wasn’t enough to capture the Impact tag titles. The Good Brothers won the belts with a Magic Killer on Rhino. At least, Jose didn’t take the pin, so his Impact career is off to a good start.

Keep in the loop on the rest of the surprises with live results of the show. Chelsea Green and FinJuice also returned to Impact at Slammiversary.

Did No Way Jose’s Impact debut put a smile on your face? How high do you think he can rise in the Impact Zone?