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Matt Cardona gets hit with a low blow by his ex-girlfriend

Matt Cardona found himself in a sticky situation tonight on Impact Wrestling (July 15, 2021). Cardona stuck his nose in Brian Myers’ business once again and paid the price for being a nosy broski.

Last week, Myers lost to Jake Something, but he never had a chance to fulfill his stipulation obligation due to Sam Beale ambushing Jake. Fast forward to tonight, Myers anticipated that Cardona would butt in, so he went seeking someone to watch his back. After Hernandez declined the monetary offer, Myers stumbled across someone who had plenty of history with that scumbag. The snooping cameras failed to capture who Myers’ was talking to, so a surprise was brewing.

Myers came out to the ring to officially declare Jake a professional. Cardona was by Jake’s side to make sure Myers lived up to his word. Myers admitted that Jake is a professional, then he insulted Jake’s star potential. That led to fisticuffs between Myers, Jake, Cardona, and Beale.

Cardona was in control with an Unprettier to Myers. As Cardona was sizing Myers for a boot, he let out a painful groan and fell to the mat. Someone low-blowed Cardona, and it turned out to be Tenille Dashwood. Myers and Dashwood both stomped Cardona to close the segment.

The past history Myers referenced was Dashwood previously dating Cardona.

Backstage, Cardona was miffed about Myers’ treachery. EVP Scott D’Amore proposed a mixed tag match between Myers & Dashwood versus Cardona & a partner of his choosing at Slammiversary on July 17. Cardona had someone in mind as D’Amore teased the phrase, “Hot Mess.”

All signs point to Chelsea Green (aka “Hot Mess” Laurel Van Ness) tagging with Cardona. That is perfect, since Green is Cardona’s fiancée. There’s no better adversary for Cardona’s ex-girlfriend than his current girlfriend. That is delicious soap opera material.

There might be a slight issue though. Green debuted with ROH last weekend. She was also not medically cleared due to recovery from a broken wrist in WWE. However, Green does have an indie match lined up for July 24.

Perhaps Impact can work a little magic for some Forbidden Door action, so Green can watch Cardona’s back at Slammiversary for love to triumph. And who knows, Van Ness may finally get her Impact wedding. What a time to be a wrestling fan.

Does this juicy storyline pique your interest? If Green can’t make the show, who are you hoping to see as Cardona’s partner?

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