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Don Callis caused Team Dreamer to implode against Team Omega on Impact

Impact lined up a marquee main event for television with Kenny Omega stepping foot in the ring. The world champ teamed with the Good Brothers to wrestle Tommy Dreamer’s ragtag crew of Sami Callihan, Chris Sabin, and Moose on Impact Wrestling. In the end, Don Callis worked his invisible hand magic causing Team Dreamer to implode.

The match was made last week when Callis presented the idea for Dreamer to form a trios team to compete against the Elite. Dreamer recruited Callihan and Sabin, but Moose inserted himself onto the squad.

One big question heading into the bout was if Team Dreamer could get along and remain focused on the task at hand. Sabin hates Moose’s guts, however, Moose is only concerned with winning. Team Dreamer declared that they would put the team first.

The other big question was if Callihan would get the opportunity to rough up Omega before their championship clash at Slammiversary on July 17.

The answer to both those questions was no.

When it came time for the main event, the Elite entered with each member wearing one of Omega’s championship belts. Karl Anderson sported the AEW World Championship, Luke Gallows had the TNA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, Callis was comfy with the AAA Megacampeonato, and Omega donned the Impact World Championship.

The match kicked off with a stalemate between Sabin and Anderson. Sabin forcefully tagged Moose into the ring. As Moose had words for Sabin, Callihan tagged himself in to get the action going. The Death Machine went on a roll to clean house on the Good Brothers. Omega tried to attack from behind. Once Callihan turned around, Omega quickly retreated out of the ring.

The Good Brothers did the majority of the work for Team Omega. Omega mostly remained on the apron. He would tag in briefly to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with jabs. He also participated in a few moves, such as the double piggyback splash.

Over on the Team Dreamer side, Sabin and Moose exchanged aggressive tags to each other. Sabin was on the end of a beatdown. When he rolled across the ring for a hot tag, Moose walked away to leave him high and dry. That was the beginning of the end for Team Dreamer’s harmonious relationship.

Down the stretch, Sabin was fresh again and dodged teamwork Irish whip attacks to execute a slick tornado DDT.

Omega was dazed. Sabin waited in the corner to strike, however, Moose tagged himself in. Sabin didn’t realize Moose’s action and had Omega on his shoulders primed for a finisher. Before Sabin could pull the trigger, Moose demanded that he leave the ring. Sabin shoved Moose in the chest then exited to the apron. That did not sit well with the big man. Moose chokselam tossed Sabin into the ring then abandoned his team.

Dreamer got in Moose’s face. Moose threatened Dreamer to leave him alone. As Moose turned his back to walk up the ramp, Callis hilariously shoved Dreamer into Moose. Moose assumed that Dreamer attacked, so he pummeled the hardcore legend as payback.

Sabin spied the discord, and he blasted Moose with a suicide dive and punches. Back in the ring, Sabin dodged a V-Trigger from Omega. Sabin tried to finish with the Cradle Shock, but Omega escaped and countered with a snap dragon suplex. The Good Brother entered to hit their Magic Killer finisher on Sabin. Omega smashed Callihan with a V-Trigger to prevent a pin break, while Anderson covered Sabin for the three count.

This match was more a story tool for the feud between Sabin and Moose rather than a way to hype Omega versus Callihan. The main draws didn’t interact very much, and Omega let the Good Brothers do the heavy lifting. Not to worry though. Omega and Callihan will have a contract signing next week on Impact Wrestling. That is bound to explode into fisticuffs.

As for Sabin and Moose, Sabin needs to take some responsibility for instigating the situation. He was the first one to make a scene by slapping Moose’s chest for the tag. Moose went overboard, but that should have been expected by Sabin when he treated the surly brute that way.

I laughed hard at Callis causing Team Dreamer to explode. It was also great how Callis was an invisible hand on the shove. That was a funny moment to advance their personal beef. Dreamer was the one that officially fired Callis. Don claims he holds no ill will, but we all know that is malarkey. The power plays behind the scenes will be interesting to observe in the coming weeks.

Were you satisfied with Impact’s main event of the evening? Did the Team Dreamer drama take you by surprise?

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