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W. Morrissey doesn’t believe in friendship within the pro wrestling industry

W. Morrissey has been taking Impact by storm. After an impressive debut, he manhandled Willie Mack and Rich Swann. It looks like Morrissey’s next feud is percolating, and it revolves around his belief that friendship doesn’t exist in the professional wrestling industry.

After Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima came up short in a tag title match against Violent by Design, Edwards had a special request for his friend. Edwards desired the honor of sharing the ring with the legendary Kojima before the NJPW star heads back to Japan. The respect was mutual, so Kojima agreed to the match.

Morrissey came out of nowhere to berate the two pals.

Morrissey: You two make me sick. Acting like you’re friends, huh? Oh, you respect each other, huh? Yeah, you guys don’t respect each other. You pretend like you respect each other, because you guys want something from each other. Okay? You (Edwards) want a match with a legend, and he (Kojima) wants to be on American television. Stop being like everybody else in this industry. Acting like you’re friends. You two are not friends. You’re just a bunch of frauds.

That was a nifty little segment. It was well executed and provided fans with two future matches. Edwards versus Kojima is a bout I would tune into on Impact Wrestling. We’re going to get it on Thursday.

It also looks like Edwards is on the chopping block for Morrissey. That is a good pick for Morrissey’s next rumble after beating Swann, who is arguably Impact’s top guy. The 7-footer will probably get a chance to rough Edwards up at Slammiversary on July 17. Until then, Morrissey can make a dastardly statement by introducing Kojima to serious pain before his flight back to Japan.

There are two little touches in that promo that I really enjoy about Morrissey. The way Morrissey is so good at appearing out of nowhere makes me wonder if he learned literal Smack-Talker Skywalker skills. He is a huge man. How can the other wrestlers not sense Morrissey’s presence when near? Second, his bull’s horns hand gesture to emphasize his point cracked me up. It is such an obnoxious move. In another life, Morrissey could have been the principal from The Breakfast Club.

As for Morrissey’s refusal to believe in the power of friendship, this theme has the makings of a strong babyface turn in the future if Impact ever decides to turn him hero. It would be a simple yet powerful step to create a scenario where Morrissey’s small heart grows three sizes in one day. Of course, that would be a long way away. Morrissey is killing it in his current role, so he deserves plenty time to explore his dastardly side. Plus, he’s not necessarily wrong in his points. I can completely understand why he would feel that way for a man in his position. That complexity makes it all the more interesting.

Are you pumped for Edwards versus Kojima on Thursday? Does a feud between Morrissey and Edwards excite you?

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