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Impact recap & reactions: Deonna Purrazzo splits away from her loser friends

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Impact Wrestling (June 24, 2021) featured Deonna Purrazzo dumping Kimber Lee and Susan, Jazz returning to mend the partnership between Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering, a major trios bout booked for next week with Kenny Omega, and Violent by Design defending the tag titles against Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima in the main event.

Last week, Deonna Purrazzo expressed her frustration at the losing ways of Kimber Lee and Susan. Their lack of success reflected badly on Purrazzo as Knockouts Champion.

That brusque conversation led to a match between Purrazzo and Susan Thursday night on Impact Wrestling. Purrazzo dominated the bout. Instead of a quick win, Purrazzo chose to make Susan suffer with a variety of submissions and physical moves, such as a curb stomp. The champ was talking trash the entire time as well. Susan had enough and rallied for a superplex. After landing on the mat, Purrazzo transitioned into an armbar to win. Purrazzo wasn’t content, so she cinched in the Venus de Milo double armbar. Kimber Lee pulled the champ off Susan. Purrazzo was irate at Lee touching her and dumped the two losers.

It seems that Purrazzo’s ego is getting too big for her britches. While she does have a point about Kimber and Susan losing too much, she also has conveniently forgotten the assistance they have provided during her title run. Purrazzo does not currently have an opponent for Slammiversary on July 17, so this could be the story setup to position Kimber as #1 contender or possibly the return of Su Yung.

In other Knockouts drama, Rachael Ellering wanted to address the red flags in her partnership with Jordynne Grace. Ellering felt the need to talk through their issues together. Winning the Knockouts tag titles was the best moment of her career. A year ago, Ellering was at the lowest point of her life. She hated being pushed into a pool of positivity from family and friends. Ellering realized that she is the one doing the pushing on Grace. Ellering apologized.

Grace shot back to dispel the notion of her being a weak link by listing her accomplishments. She likes Ellering as a partner, but she can do things herself. Ellering was convinced that Tenille Dashwood was inside Grace’s head. Grace shouted that she will drop Ellering on her head if she mentions Dashwood again.

That heat brought out Jazz to cool the tension. She put them together as a team, because she knew they could do great things. Being the shortest reigning Knockouts champs is just a hurdle. Jazz urged Grace to shake off her ego getting in the way. Ellering took responsibility as well for their current woes. She wants to continue the team, but she doesn’t know if Grace wants the same. Grace backed away needing time to think.

Enter Dashwood and Kaleb Konley. She continued her goal to poach Ellering as a tag partner. Hard no from Ellering. She only wants to share the ring with Dashwood as an opponent. Dashwood tried a sucker clothesline, but Ellering saw it coming and landed punches of her own. Jazz peppered Konley with jabs when he got involved. Ellering finished with a big slam to Dashwood.

The full scene went for 12 minutes, which you can watch here.

Grace’s non-factor story has been going on for months, and I still don’t have a sure idea what the end direction will be. Credit to Impact for keeping it foggy. The quickest story would be a reconciliation between Grace and Ellering, and a surprise partner for Dashwood in a Slammiversary match. I can think of two Australians in particular who could fill that role. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are my prime suspects.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Don Callis tried to enter the Impact Zone with Kenny Omega, but they were stopped by security. Callis was not on the list anymore after being fired as EVP last week. Callis lost his cool and spouted off his career accolades as a very important person. The Invisible Hand will go where he pleases.

Rosemary defeated Kiera Hogan. Tasha Steelz was ringside. After Steelz interfered, Havok came down to even the odds. Hogan was busy squawking when in control, so Rosemary rose up for a butterfly buttbuster to win.

Chris Bey was content on staying on the fringe of the X-Division alliance between Ace Austin and Rohit Raju. Trey Miguel and Petey Williams approached looking for Bey to pick a side. Williams warned that Bey needs to choose a side before a side chooses him.

Tommy Dreamer informed us that the Impact management board asked him to remain as a consultant. EVP Scott D’Amore did not take that news well. He felt that he doesn’t need someone looking over his shoulder.

TJP and Fallah Bahh were gambling at Swinger’s Palace casino when Rich Swann and Willie Mack sat at the table. A conversation flared up about tag team action, so a match was made. There was also a comical moment of John E. Bravo having the flashiest shoes of the bunch.

Callis approached Dreamer to propose a trios match. Team Callis versus Team Dreamer. Tommy needed to find a squad to wrestle Omega and the Good Brothers.

Rohit Raju & Shera defeated Trey Miguel & Petey Williams. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton moseyed down to the ring. Williams was setting up a Canadian Destroyer on Rohit when he lost focus assuming interference from Ace and Madman. Rohit capitalized on the distraction with a jumping knee strike then a running knee strike to pin Maple Leaf Muscle. The new alliance stomped Miguel and Williams. Josh Alexander ran in to clean house, but the numbers got him. Bey came down to observe on stage.

Dreamer asked Sami Callihan to be on his team. Callihan accepted since he could get to put hands on Omega. Moose walked in to declare he will be on Team Dreamer. After Moose exited, Dreamer wondered if he should inform Moose who the third partner will be. It was later announced that Chris Sabin will join Callihan and Moose.

Jake Something defeated Sam Beale. Brian Myers was ringside as Beale’s mentor. Beale used his lessons to shove Jake into the ring post and also rake the eyes. Jake was too powerful and won after a spear and spinning side slam. Post-match, Myers grabbed a mic to teach Beale. Myers blamed the loss on Jake being unprofessional. Beale should do the opposite of what Jake does.

Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima warmed up for their tag title match. Swann and Mack wished them well. Edwards said he would give them the first shot if they win the belts.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Joe Doering & Deaner retained against Eddie Edwards & Satoshi Kojima. (Full details here.) In the end, Doering caught Edwards’ Boston Knee Party to execute a spinning sitdown powerbomb for the win.

The main event was enjoyable. It had enough teases that there could be new champs, while also having Violent by Design be strong in victory. Joe Doering is a certified hoss. His power moves are right up my alley of enjoyment. Deaner surprised me with his kick-outs. He has been evolving as a tougher competitor over the past few weeks under the tutelage of Eric Young. Deaner’s improved status makes the group tougher overall than when it was obvious he would always take the pin.

The evolving story between Don Callis and Tommy Dreamer was a nice touch. I like how it played out over several segments to set up next week’s main event trios clash. It is curious how insecure Scott D’Amore is about Dreamer’s consultant role. I think Callis could easily twist the situation to persuade favors from D’Amore.

We’ll close with a little bit of Forbidden Door news. The Good Brothers will be crossing over to NJPW Strong for the Tag Team Turbulence tournament.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?