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Satoshi Kojima & Eddie Edwards fail to win Impact tag titles

Impact Wrestling (June 24, 2021) was headlined by a tag title bout. Last week, NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima earned a championship bout for himself and Eddie Edwards against Violent by Design. Kojima and Edwards fought hard but failed to bring home the gold in the end.

Violent by Design used the Freebird Rule for Joe Doering and Deaner to represent the squad. Eric Young and Rhino were ringside for support and mild distractions.

VBD controlled the pace early until Edwards cleaned house on a hot tag. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Deaner kicked out on the pinfall. The good guys continued the attack with a slingshot plancha from Kojima and a suicide dive from Edwards.

Edwards was rocking with momentum, so Rhino hopped onto the apron as a distraction. Edwards took the bait, and that allowed VBD to regain control for an extended beatdown.

Eventually, Kojima was the recipient of a hot tag to run wild with shoulder tackles, forearm blasts, and elbow strikes. All four men entered the ring for fisticuffs. The good guys were on a roll as Edwards hit a super hurricanrana to Deaner followed by a flying elbow drop from Kojima. Deaner once again showed intestinal fortitude on the kick-out.

Down the stretch, the tide turned Violent by Design’s way. Doering roared with a double clothesline. On the powerbomb pick-up, Edwards countered into a hurricanrana. Edwards and Kojima double-teamed a superkick to cutter combo on Doering. Edwards charged for the finish on a Boston Knee Party, however, Doering caught him for a spinning sitdown powerbomb. Deaner prevented Kojima from breaking the pin. 1, 2, 3. The champs retained the Impact tag titles.

Violent be Design are establishing themselves as worthy champions after winning the belts on a Call Your Shot Trophy cash-in. As for who is next in line for Violent by Design, it could be the winner of TJP & Fallah Bahh versus Rich Swann & Willie Mack. That match was made inside Swinger’s Palace casino as the men were gambling.

Are you enjoying Violent by Design’s tag team title run? Who do you want to see them defend against at Slammiversary on July 17?