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AJ Styles jumped through the roof of a cage and nobody caught him

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In honor of bringing back the Ultimate X match for Slammiversary on July 17, Impact counted down their top 5 classic stipulations. The highlight reel is insane with numerous crazy table spots, Abyss on fire, Eddie Edwards being kicked in the face with a mouthful of thumbtacks, and Frankie Kazarian hitting a flying cutter to Christopher Daniels as he was hanging upside down high above the ring. That’s just to name a few.

The one moment that stuck out to me above all others was AJ Styles jumping through the roof of a cage then nobody catching him as he crashed to the mat.

Impact Wrestling

Kurt Angle, Booker T, and Scott Steiner were the pile below, but Styles slipped through their hands like butter. That had to hurt.

Styles’ dive takes place at the 39-second mark of the countdown, but I recommend checking out the rest of the insanity in its entirety.

5. Lethal Lockdown
4. King of the Mountain
3. Full Metal Mayhem
2. Monster’s Ball
1. Ultimate X

Lethal Lockdown is similar to War Games. King of the Mountain is like a ladder match, except the winner has to climb the ladder to hang the title on the hook instead of retrieving the title. There are also other rules involved to make the match more complicated. Full Metal Mayhem is Tables, Ladders, and Chairs with the addition of any other objects that are metal. Monster’s Ball is an extreme of the extreme hardcore match. Ultimate X has a structure supporting ropes in an X high above the ring with the title belt hanging in the center. Winner is the one who claims the title.

Ultimate X is the rightful #1 for Impact’s history, in my opinion. It is their own creation and provided several spots never before seen in professional wrestling.

Do you agree with Impact’s list for top 5 classic match stipulations? Which moments stuck out most to you in the countdown? What do you think is the best stipulation in all of professional wrestling?