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Impact books three matches for Slammiversary and NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima earns a title shot

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Slammiversary will be here before you know it. The card for the July 17 PPV has started to take shape during Impact Wrestling (June 17, 2021).

Three matches were made official for Slammiversary:

  • Impact World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sami Callihan
  • X-Division Championship in Ultimate X: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Petey Williams
  • Moose vs. Chris Sabin

Sami Callihan was previously awarded the title match, then he was fired. Tommy Dreamer acted as messenger from the management board to re-hire Callihan, so the main event is still on.

Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Chris Bey, Rohit Raju, and Petey Williams competed in a X-Division five-way #1 contender match that was ruined by Madman Fulton hossing through the competitors to set up Ace for the easy pin. The referee threw that match out. The end result was all five men being inserted as Josh Alexander’s opponents. To up the stakes, Impact added the Ultimate X stipulation. The special match consists of two cables hanging above the ring to form an X. At the center of the X, the title belt hangs ready to be retrieved.

Moose hijacked Impact Wrestling to protest being screwed in his title match against Omega. Chris Sabin stepped up to humble the big man.

Other potential matches for Slammiversary could be Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defending the Knockouts tag titles against Rosemary & Havok and Jordynne Grace proving herself in a rematch against Rachael Ellering.

In even more title match news, NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima earned a chance at gold for next week. Kojima’s task on this evening was to defeat Rhino to be rewarded with a tag title match against Violent by Design. Kojima did the work to chop down the beast with a lariat.

Kojima will be teaming with Eddie Edwards. Violent by Design’s squad uses Freebird Rules between Joe Doering, Rhino, and Deaner.

Do you like the direction so far for Slammiversary? Which matches are you hoping to see fill out the card?