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Impact resolves Sami Callihan’s firing with new authority figure and another firing

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The major story coming out of Against All Odds was the firing of Sami Callihan. Since Callihan was supposed to main event Slammiversary on July 17 against Kenny Omega for the Impact World Championship, Impact needed to resolve the issue. They did so by introducing a new authority figure who promptly fired someone else.

Back at Against All Odds, Callihan appeared out of thin air and beat up the Elite with a baseball bat. As he was getting ready to damage Omega, Don Callis used his EVP power to fire Callihan. On Impact Wrestling (June 17, 2021), the management board sent a representative to deal with the situation. That scene took place in the main event segment.

Callihan took over the ring with outrage. Nobody fires The Draw. Security surrounded Callihan until EVP Scott D’Amore tried to calm the storm. D’Amore agreed that the firing was wrong and unfair. Callis overstepped his bounds. D’Amore has been working all day trying to fix it, but Callihan is hurting his case with this outburst by showing he is out of control and can’t be trusted. Callihan decided to put faith in D’Amore, so he did his ICU hacker gimmick to leave the ring. Lights out, lights on, no more Callihan.

That’s when Callis entered the scene safely without the Death Machine lurking. Callis went on a rant about how he had to do what’s best for Impact. D’Amore is too soft, so Callis stepped in to deal with the low-life pieces of garbage. Wrestlers are just insects as tools that allow Impact to make money.

All of a sudden, Tommy Dreamer came to the ring. Neither D’Amore nor Callis had time for Dreamer at the moment, but it turned out that Dreamer was the representative sent by management. Both EVPs were annoyed with this surprise. Dreamer went to the board in a call for action. He delivered the news that Callihan was reinstated. That wasn’t all. Dreamer looked into D’Amore’s eyes speaking about how there needs to be change at the top. He spoke of personal relationships being put in front of Impact business. Effective immediately, Dreamer fired... Don Callis!

Backstage, Callis walked by Callihan. The Death Machine decided it would be too easy to bring violence to Callis at that moment. Instead, he’s going to wait for Slammiversary to force Callis to watch Omega get his brains bashed in.

Callihan wasn’t the only person screwed at Against All Odds. The Young Bucks held a superkick party on Moose during his loss against Omega for the world title. When D’Amore brushed off Moose’s complaints to deal with the Callihan drama, Moose hijacked the show.

As Moose was confronted by security, that allowed Chris Sabin to run in for a flying dropkick. Sabin then clobbered Moose with a chair to the head. Sabin’s message was clear. He wants Moose.

Backstage, Sabin further clarified that he’s requesting the match for Slammiversary. Moose calls himself a wrestling god, but perhaps Sabin was sent by the real gods to humble Moose.

That is that. Impact tied up the loose ends stemming from Against All Odds. Moose will be occupied with Sabin, and Callihan will be focused on bringing the gold back to Impact. As for Dreamer, it was unclear if he will maintain his role as authority figure for the board or if he will return to his duties as professional wrestler.

Are you satisfied with how Impact dealt with the dilemma? Are you excited for the two future matches at Slammiversary?