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Steve Maclin crushes opponent in Impact debut match

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Steve Maclin (aka Steve Cutler in WWE) finally arrived in the Impact Zone. He was hyped with a contract signing vignette, then he delivered an intense promo about Mr. Mayhem. All that was left was for the man to make his in-ring debut. Maclin did just that on Impact Wrestling (June 17, 2021) to crush his opponent.

Maclin entered to rock music wearing a black leather long coat.

Maclin took care of business with a methodical beatdown to Jason Page. The underdog rallied with punches then ran into a clothesline from Maclin that knocked him head over heels. Maclin sized up his prey and unloaded numerous downward elbow strikes. Page was close to unconsciousness. Maclin finished his opponent with an inverted facelock sitdown slam.

The bout was a solid squash match for Maclin. The vicious elbow blasts were pretty cool. In terms of if Maclin has star potential in the Impact Zone, there’s not much to assess yet. He came, he crushed, he conquered. Maclin’s performance was good enough to leave me with curiosity about his first feud.

Here is the full match for your viewing pleasure.

Did Maclin’s debut match in Impact leave you wanting more? What do you think about his finisher?