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Kenny Omega retains Impact World Championship with garbage finish

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Kenny Omega was the headline act once again for Impact as he defended the Impact World Championship against Moose in the main event of Against All Odds. The two men rumbled for over 20 minutes culminating in a garbage finish with interference from the Young Bucks and Don Callis firing Sami Callihan.

Omega’s title defense took place on AEW’s home turf at Daily’s Place to ensure that there would be no interference from the Good Brothers or Sami Callihan. Tony Schiavone, Scott D’Amore, and Callis handled commentary duties. Justin Roberts did his thing as ring announcer with a splendid introduction for the champ. Brian Hebner was the referee. Fans in attendance were AEW’s lower card wrestlers. They were firmly behind cheering Moose.

The story of the match was if Moose was too large for the One Winged Angel. Omega tried for his finisher early, but Moose was too fresh to allow the pick-up. The match progressed with a bit of a comedic flavor as Omega used speed and savvy against Moose’s power. Omega scored the first flashy move with a swan dive over the top ropes down to the floor.

Moose showcased his athleticism by kipping up after taking a rolling fireman’s slam from Omega. Moose did so as Omega launched for a moonsault. The champ missed and landed hard on the mat. Moose capitalized with an impressive standing moonsault.

Moose took the action to the floor for Irish whips into the guardrails. Moose sprinted for a crossbody, but Omega dodged. Moose flew over the guardrail landing on the second row of chairs.

Moose injured his shoulder on impact. Omega took control with focus on damaging the big man’s tender limb.

The match progressed with highlights being Moose powerbombing out of a triangle choke and Moose grabbing Omega off the turnbuckles for a two-handed sitdown chokeslam. Omega fired back for a snap dragon suplex and two V-Triggers.

Later in the bout, Omega’s stamina paid dividends. He exploded for a V-Trigger into Moose’s shoulder, another V-Trigger into Moose’s arm, and a third V-Trigger flush to Moose’s face. Omega went for the One Winged Angel, but Moose escaped and flattened Omega with a ripcord lariat.

The ringside doctor checked on Moose’s shoulder. Moose refused medical assistance and threatened the referee to leave him alone. Omega took advantage to charge in for another V-Trigger.

As Omega climbed the turnbuckles, Moose got a boost of adrenaline to hop up for a Spanish Fly.

Omega kicked out on the pinfall. Moose charged for a spear. Omega pulled the referee in the way, which caused Moose to tackle both men. With the referee knocked out, the Young Bucks ran to the ring for a superkick party.

The Bucks clobbered Moose with two kicks apiece and a BTE Trigger. The Bucks then assisted Omega for the One Winged Angel. The Jacksons revived the referee to make the count. 1, 2, 3. Omega retained the Impact World Championship.

The finish was chaotic, and the post-match scene was chaotic as well. During Omega’s celebration, the lights went out. Lights on, and Sami Callihan was in the ring with a baseball bat. He was supposed to be busy in the Impact Zone, but the genius bookers for Impact scheduled his street fight against the Good Brothers as the first bout of the evening. It has already been established in Impact’s world that a private jet can get you from Jacksonville, FL to Nashville, TN in less than two hours. Thus, Callihan had time to arrive.

Callihan cleared the ring with his bat. Callis ran over from commentary to protect his golden champion. The Impact EVP threatened Callihan. The Death Machine was undeterred and grabbed a chair. That forced Callis to take action and fire Callihan on the spot. Omega rolled away to safety in all the hullabaloo. Head EVP D’Amore confronted Callis as they argued heading backstage.

To sum up, Omega beat Moose with interference in a garbage finish to retain Impact gold. Tony Khan and his security staff are incompetent for allowing such shenanigans to happen on his watch at Daily’s Place. Sami Callihan is fired from Impact. He had a date with the winner (Omega) for the main event of Slammiversary on July 17, and that will now have to be settled.

What’s your take on Kenny Omega’s reliance on outside interference to save his hide? Does that booking tactic provide satisfying results?