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W. Morrissey is ready for Impact’s main event scene

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W. Morrissey has been money since debuting in Impact. His promo game has been tight and his physicality has been off the charts. Morrissey still needed to prove he belongs with Impact’s best, and he did just that by powerbombing Rich Swann into oblivion at Against All Odds.

The bout was a classic strength versus speed story. Swann had momentum early with quick kicks to weaken the 7-footer. Morrissey popped Swann into the air, but Swann countered to dropkick Morrissey out of the ring. Swann finally knocked Morrissey off his feet with a flipping senton from the apron down to the floor.

Swann continued with the flashy style for a springboard attack, however, Morrissey crushed him with a big boot to the gut. The big man proceeded to pummel Swann from pillar to post while laughing at Swann’s pain. Morrissey ragdolled Swann with a slam then a running corner smash. Morrissey went for a second corner blitz, but Swann anticipated to duck out of the way. That ignited Swann’s comeback.

Swann rammed Morrissey’s head into the ring post. He then jumped off the ring steps to kick Morrissey in the mug. Swann continued with a 450 splash off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Swann connected on a second 450 splash. It wasn’t enough to put Morrissey away.

Swann took his time for a measured side kick to the head. He aimed to finish with a Phoenix splash. Swann hit his target, but Morrissey sat up with Swann in his arms. Morrissey rolled over still holding Swann to rise up and execute an F-5.

Morrissey followed up with a running corner smash. Morrissey goozled Swann, however, Swann flipped out of the chokeslam. Swann unloaded kicks low and high. Swann attempted a springboard cutter, and that ended up being his downfall.

As Swann was in the air for the springboard cutter, Morrissey blasted his spine with a big boot. After two consecutive powerbombs, Morrissey tried to revive Swann to suffer more punishment. Swann flipped the middle finger in defiance. Morrissey ended the match with a vicious third powerbomb.

Morrissey looked strong in victory. Of course, Swann is a great dance partner, but Morrissey carried his weight in the storytelling. It will be interesting to see who is next for Morrissey. After beating Swann clean, he should be in the short line for a world title shot.

How long should Impact wait before inserting Morrissey into the main event picture?